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What Happened To Al Roker? Today Show Anchor Hospitalized Again Following Thanksgiving Release

Al Roker, a prominent American meteorologist, was back in hospital after being treated earlier for a blood clot. Roker, who was popular on the Today show, had previously been taken to hospital for medical help. However, he was later released from the hospital. But now there are reports that he is back in hospital.

Read on to learn more about Al Roker’s readmission after his release.

Al Roker’s approach to blood clots

Today, show presenter Al Roker, 68, has been hospitalized for some time. Rock himself was admitted to hospital a few weeks ago with a blood clot. He shared this on his Instagram on November 18.

Roker accompanied a photo with a bouquet of flowers and captioned, “Many of you wonder thoughtfully where I’ve been.” “Last week I was admitted to hospital with a blood clot in my leg that went into my lung,” he wrote. Describes all the circumstances in which he hoped to recover as soon as possible. Because he was even released from the hospital to enjoy Thanksgiving.

Al Roker rushes to hospital again

Al Roker administered his treatment for a blood clot in his leg and a blood clot in his lung and was released from hospital. That way, the anchor can reunite with her family on Thanksgiving. However, within 24 hours of being discharged, Roker was back in the hospital.

However, Roker likely won’t be at Rockefeller Center for the Christmas tree lighting. This time he was treated in the hospital and even missed the Thanksgiving parade. Meanwhile, the reason for Roker’s return to the hospital has not been determined.

Fans worried about Al Roker’s health

Because Al Roker has always been everyone’s favorite TODAY presenter. Fans were very concerned to learn that Roker had been hospitalized due to certain health issues. However, fans were very happy when they heard the news that the presenter was broadcasting in theaters.

As of now, however, Roker has been hospitalized again. Fans are worried about the streamer’s health. In the meantime, they sent well wishes for the recovery of Roker, 68, who interacted with fans through his social media accounts.


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