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What Happened To Jennifer Burns And Jessica Burns? Amber Alert Issued For Texas Sisters

It is reported that an AMBER Alert has been issued for two missing girls, Jennifer Burns and Jessica Burns, and this alert was issued early Friday. They were both kidnapped from McKinney and are in grave or imminent danger. This alert was issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety and now this news is getting a lot of attention on the internet where so many people want to know more about this incident. Here we are going to discuss all the information related to this incident and how they both got kidnapped in this article so read on.

What Happened to Jennifer Burns and Jessica Burns Amber Alert Issued for Texas Sisters

According to exclusive reports and information, Jessica Burns a 9-year-old girl and Jennifer Burns a 6-year-old girl and both had been missing since Thursday, January 19, 2023. They were both last seen Thursday before 6:00 p.m. at at close to 320 North Central Expressway in McKinney. This alert was issued around 1:00 p.m. Friday and this alert indicated that the two girls were in serious or immediate danger according to law enforcement. The alert confirmed that Jame Burns was the suspect and was a 60-year-old woman. This alert indicated that Jame Burns was the suspect in this incident and also shared other information about her.

What happened to Jennifer Burns and Jessica Burns?

This alert also shares a car like a black SUV with a white scuff on the front of the car and silver door handles and a black interior. This alert was issued for describing that the two girls are in danger or in danger and looking for the suspect. The police investigation is ongoing and investigators are continuing to search for the two girls. Police are also sharing information on Jame Burns, she is 5ft 2in and weighs around 230lbs and she was last seen wearing black. No other information is communicated about him and related to this incident.

The two girls’ identifying details were also shared in which they share that Jessica Burns was last seen wearing black framed glasses, black shoulders, a scarlet long sleeve blouse and sleeves. On the other hand, Jennifer Burns was last seen wearing blue pants, a light blue shirt with a sparkly design on the front and purple framed glasses. There are so many cases related to kidnapping and the crime rate is increasing day by day. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to read more articles related to other new topics.

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