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What Happened To Karon Blake? Cause Of Death, A 13-Year-Old Shot Dead By DC Man, Suspect Name!

A teenager has been allegedly shot dead in a shooting in the Washington area of ​​the United States. Police said the child was shot as he tried to get into the car of the man who shot him. Terrified residents of the area reported the shooting to police after hearing gunshots. The police came and they also tried to save the kid, but he died.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

What happened to Karen Black?

At present, the police are doing their best to crack the case and have confirmed the identities of the boy and the suspect. At the same time, the police also revealed the identity of the victim. Stay tuned for details on this case as we present it. Residents in the DC area are said to have heard gunshots near their homes, and residents called the police. The shooting happened this weekend 7day Saturday, January 2023.

The Metropolitan Police Service launched an investigation and concluded that the person shot in the shooting was a 13-year-old boy who was shot multiple times and was also seriously injured. Police added that residents told them there had been shootings in the area, and when they arrived, they found the boy injured and shot multiple times. They immediately transferred him to Children’s Hospital, but even after trying to save the boy, he passed away.

Karen Black cause of death

Police eventually took into custody the man who shot the teen, who was at his house when officers took him away. The teen who was shot was also identified and his identity was revealed. The police are very sorry for this and apologize to the family of the deceased. Police said the teenager was identified as Karon Blake, 13, from northeast Washington.

Police said the shooting happened around 3:30 a.m. on the weekend and officers began investigating the incident around 4 a.m. Cuarón was shot multiple times, which is how he died. Karen attempted to get into the suspect’s car while the suspect was at his house. On the other hand, the suspect believed that Karen was trying to enter his house.

Who is the suspect?

The suspect mentioned that he pulled out his licensed firearm and fired it. The two of them even interacted before the suspect shot and killed Karen. Cuaron was shot and killed, and the suspect fled. Police said that while the case was not a planned operation, they took the suspect into custody but did not arrest him. While police are investigating the case, the suspect has not yet been charged.

Council member Zachary Parker told him he apologized to Karen’s family who died at such a young age. He also mentioned that he was saddened by what happened to his child. Zachary added that Karon is not only a son, but also a brother, student and best friend.

Police said they are investigating the case and will find out the full truth soon. Before that, suspects could not be formally charged because the firearms were licensed and the killings were suspicious. Therefore, the entire motive behind the killing is not brought up until a full investigation is carried out.

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