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What Happened To PM Modi’s Mother HEERABEN? Why She Was Hospitalised? Health Condition Update!

Recently we got information about Prime Minister Modi’s mother Heera Ben being hospitalized in Ahmedabad, it caused a lot of controversy, recently the doctor issued a statement about her, now she is in stable condition, talk more Her mother, so we tell you her name is Heera Ben, recently turned 99 in June and she is now admitted to the hospital in Ahmedabad.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

PM Modi travels to Ahmedabad to meet her mother Hirabun

Based on sources and information we have information that Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited his mother in the hospital in Ahmedabad today and he arrived in Delhi last night at around 4:00 pm and after he came Left the hospital just before 5:30 to spend a few hours there with his mother. Everything is now out of danger and she is in stable condition.

What happened to PM Modi’s mother, Heeraben?

No further information was given to us, even the hospital did not share details about her, even well-known Gujarat MLAs Darshan Ban Wagle and Kaushik Jain contacted the hospital to meet Narendra Modi’s mother as we all know Narendra Modi when it comes to He was very sensitive when it came to his mother, as it showed his chaste relationship with his mother, who also visited him at events held at the rally pole.

PM Modi’s mother Heeraben health update

As we already told you she turned 99 in June and the Prime Minister visited her on her birthday and now we can say she will be celebrating her centenary and the Prime Minister also shared and wrote Very exciting beautiful blog it is named “Mother”. Even Congress leader Rahul Gandhi sent his best wishes to his mother.

We also pray for Prime Minister Modi’s mother. I hope she recovers soon. She is currently in a stable condition and may be discharged from the hospital in a day or two. PM Modi’s brother somabhai is also in the hospital, we will make sure to provide you with further e-updates as we receive any information, till then stay tuned and follow us for more updates.

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