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What Happened To Tony Blaze? Is Ex-Apple Exec Dead Or Still Alive? Death News Rumours Reason Explained!

We all know that a long time ago an Apple exec got fired after making a joke on Tik Tok, if you want to know what that video was about then make sure you read this while he was joking a woman caught on He was humiliated because he raped a woman with big breasts, and now the organization has decided to fire him. Stay tuned and follow us for more updates.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Tony Blaze?

Tony Belvins was one of those people who worked with Apple until news broke last September that he was fired 22 years ago and the reason we made it clear to you was in response to a viral Spread the Tiktok video. However, in a video from Sept. 5, Tony and his wife can be seen typing in their Mercedes asking about his occupation.

Is Tony Blaze dead or alive?

In this particular statement, he responds that I play golf, Iris cars, I f*** women with big breasts, but other than that, I take weekends and some vacations off. However, he was recently invited to an interview with the Wall Street Journal. He is very sorry for his words and intentions. If anyone is offended by his words, it is his mistake.

Reasons for Tony Blaze Death News Rumors

Besides also mentioning that Apple has clearly decided to fire him, even though he’s been with the company for over 22 years, they didn’t even think about him for a second, and he’s shocked because he’s been with Apple all his life and he’s been treated Humiliated, damaged reputation. But unfortunately, Apple executives are also speaking for some conditions.

Belvin tried many times, but he was unsuccessful because he couldn’t contact TikTok based on the source and information he wanted to request in order to remove the video, but he also mentioned that he was rejected, and he rejected Apple’s offer to resign, but Eventually he was fired after a while without even getting a severance package.

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