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What Happened With Anggy Diaz? Who Killed Her? Cause Of Death, Husband Name & More!

Hello Reader, We are here to inform you of a very shocking event that is about to take place and you may be wondering about the whole thing as it has to do with murder. People were really curious, they wanted to know the story of a man named Anggy Diaz who was brutally murdered by their husband, Jared James Dicus. So make sure you keep reading this because it’s a very controversial story about a husband who was charged after he confessed to killing his wife of 21 years.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

What happened to Anggy Diaz?

So she was found dead in her own house, so we’re here to provide an update on the whole affair. Speaking of the body found by the Texas State Department, she is 21 years old. According to the investigation, she was brutally killed by her husband, so her body was found with blood all over her body and no head.

Who Killed Angie Diaz?

Speaking of her mutilated half body, as we have already told you, she was found decapitated in her own house, so far the police department cannot recognize her full face as it is completely destroyed , but according to the investigation they know they are a married couple.

Who is Anggy Diaz’s husband, Jared James Dicus?

Speaking of the couple, so they were married and had been living together for over 4 months, later on after a full investigation the department learned of the murder weapon, which was determined to be a knife and was said to be in the house Located in a remote area northwest of Houston where they both used to live, the cabin was located behind Dicsus’ parents.

The deputies received a call at around 4.45pm and they were made aware of the discovery of the body which is very sad news and now as their family learns of this shocking incident which we are doing our best to provide , they totally broke down on your latest update and tried to get in touch with her family, we are so sad because losing someone is never easy and we can realize we are so lucky to share her life.

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