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What Is a Notice to Air Missions System (NOTAM)? How Its Failure Led To The Grounding of All US Flights?

In this article we are going to discuss some very important and important things related to flight operations Make sure you read this article because lately we are getting information about what is NOTAM and how it fails all of us Grounded, so it’s related to air mission notifications, can’t provide any info on the flight at the moment.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

What is a Notification to Air Mission System (NOTAM)?

In other words, a NOTAM is a complete as well as short complete knowledge and information that is essential to those involved in flight operations, but not sufficient to be announced in advance by other means, there are three types of NOTAMs. The first is Class 1 which is distributed by telecommunication, the second is ICAO which is distributed by means other than telecommunication and the other is international which is distributed to multiple countries and will be considered an international NOTAM.

Speaking of the many flights in the U.S. being affected as a result, you might be wondering what the real reason is, since a computer outage in the Federal Aviation Management System has emerged and provided some basic information to pilots they feared were not tested before flying.

How did the (NOTAM) failure ground all US flights?

So this special notice for aviation missions can’t provide more information about the flights that caused many problems at this time, but so far, it has not been revealed how many flights have been affected to date, but some airlines have received a lot of difficulties because They have to deal with information from a system called NOTAMS.

Notice to air mission is a whole system that has been providing taxes related to delayed and canceled flights which helps attract flights but as of now more than 1200 flights from the US are delayed at 6.45am points, but according to information and reports, only 93 flights were cancelled.

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