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What Is THE MASCARA WAND TREND On TikTok? Meaning & Origin Explained!

We recently got information about the mascara trend on Tik Tok, so you might be wondering what’s going on here, so let’s take a look at the whole trend, which is very popular and going viral on the social media platform. A few people were wondering what that mascara presence meant on TikTok so the word popped up and became a trend so let’s clear up all your doubts about this particular viral video.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

What’s the mascara wand trending on TikTok?

Due to the many videos uploaded on social media platforms and captioned with the mascara trending hashtag, it is one of the top recommendations for the best mascara or we can say hack so we can stop using mascara- only It goes away when we get really confused because we know that there are a few tiktokers who make a lot of beauty videos like Clean girl, Vanilla girl, Aesthetic girl.

The Origin and Meaning of the Mascara Wand Trend Explained

So as we all know mascara is also a product known for making your lashes longer and thicker and now it has a new meaning in 2023 so we’ll be sure to let you know because you don’t know what you want from mascara It used to make sense and that’s exactly what the TikTok mascara trend is detailing so mascara is called the metaphor and wand part of men and people have been sharing their relationship and sexual experiences in that particular code and they’re going to write it as My favorite mascara can’t fit it in a tube.

What does mascara mean on TikTok?

So mascara is used as a code name to describe their favorite type of vibrator, as in the best app for controlled vibrators, the way we use mascara is not just a nasty way, And it never occurred to anyone that The Wife and most of these videos that are going viral are directed at men. This particular code can be adopted by anyone and any user of this particular trend so they can come up with sharing their sexuality and describing their preferences.

We know it’s a beauty-related word that’s considered by beauty influencers, but it’s not uncommon for some users to discover their favorite mascara, and it’s like a password word where one of the users wants Out of this he was confused, he wrote I was sad and couldn’t understand what the mascara trend was really about, but I got mine on Amazon.

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