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When and Where Does The Serpent Queen Take Place?

Starz’s “Queen of the Snakes” is a period drama that tells the story of Catherine de’ Medici, who rose from an unfortunate orphan to the Queen of France who left an indelible mark on the world. The show perfectly captures the aura of the 16th century with its beautiful location and intricate wardrobe. While its storytelling enjoys wall-breaking modernity, it remains at heart a game of political chess with a lone woman caught in the middle to ensure her survival by any means necessary. The story moves so fast that it’s easy to forget the time. If you’re wondering when and where the show’s story takes place, we’ve got you covered.

When is the Serpent Queen coming?

Image credit: Shanna Besson/Staz

The Serpent Queen is split into two timelines. The first begins in 1560, when Catherine de Medici was in her early forties. It was the year of the coronation of her second son, Charles IX, and the show began around this event. Preparations for the coronation are well underway and Catherine is looking for a housekeeper who can occupy her during this time with pleasant conversations and indulge in activities that she finds very boring. By this time, Katherine had acquired a position that placed her in a position of incredible power. She’s the queen, and judging by the reactions of bodyguards and other maids to her name, Catherine also seems to have earned a reputation for bestowing the title of Serpent Queen on her. The maid Rahima was reluctant to accept the oranges Catherine had given her, which meant that the maid had heard the story of the queen’s poisoning.

During the conversation with Rahima, Katherine starts talking about her past. She was born in 1519, and in a chain of events we find that misfortune has accompanied her since birth. The show takes a break in 1536, where we meet 17-year-old Catherine, still in the convent and raised by nuns. This is the show’s second timeline, and we’re following Katherine’s story from the ground up. Due to the difference between the two timelines, we see a stark contrast between the two Katherines, and as events unfold, we’ll see the younger, more naive version hardened by her experiences, becoming cunning, Confident Katherine. Now queen of France.

Where did the Queen of Serpents arrive?

Photo credit: Stefanie Branchu/Starz

Catherine de Medici was the queen of France, and her story only makes sense if it begins in France. She was enjoying the height of her power and her reputation as a dangerous woman when we met her. The show spends time showing us more of France in 1560, particularly about the events that took place outside the palace walls that ultimately changed the course of Catherine’s reign.

In the timeline of young Catherine, we are taken back to Florence, for a very short time. This is where she was born and orphaned almost a month later. Her misfortune continued with the death of her grandmother, who was the only one to take care of her. No one took care of her and she was left in a monastery in Tuscany, where she spent the next few years until she was finally captured by rebels and then by her uncle Pope Clement. saved by King VII, who married her to the second son of the King of France. From there, Catherine’s story unfolds at the court of France, where she remains until her last breath.

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