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When Will One Piece Episode 1048 Be Released? Date, Time, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Countdown & More!

Anime has taken the world by storm with its impact and compelling stories. While anime is plentiful to watch on the internet, manga is also a genre that should not be ignored. Well, if you’re a manga lover, you should definitely see a work too, it’s one of the best manga series one can hear and has the best storylines. While many episodes of the manga series were released earlier last year, this year has been a good year for the manga series, with the first episode of One piece officially released this year. The first chapter to be released this year is Chapter 1048.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

When will Episode 1048 of One Piece be released?

A piece is finally back on trend after weeks of returning to the collection. Although the previous episode was in December 2022, this year’s episode, episode 1048, is the first of the year. It looks like this year will be good for the manga series as there are a lot of events in the anime that will take place this year. Toei revealed that there will be many things or changes in this year’s comics.

One Piece Episode 1048 release time

While episode 1048 is titled for the future Yamato and the Great Swordsman’s Oath, as the name suggests, changes will take place in Yamato, and Luffy will now have a way to return to Onijima and empower Kaido again. According to reports, 1048day The episode of One Piece will be released on the following Sunday, which is the 22ndnd January 2023, although there will be time differences as usual, the times listed here may vary due to different time zones.
JST – 9:30 AM
6 p.m. PT
9 p.m. ET
8 p.m. Central Time
2am UK time
12:30pm Australian Central Time
India time is 7:30 am.

One Piece Episode 1048 Spoilers

If you live near these areas, please check the time zone as times may vary based on release dates and times in Japan. While the episode was released in Japan, in other regions the episode will be available 1.5 hours after its release in Japan. As usual, Toei did not disclose the plot of this episode, it can be said that after the previous episode, there will be many changes in the next few episodes, and this year depends a lot on the changes in the manga series. In the last episode, Inu Rand confronts his arch-nemesis, and Momoko races Prospero while Hikage Momonosuke snarls with his determined eyes.

If you’re wondering where to watch a manga series, it’s best to watch it on Crunchyroll, as it’s the best place you’ll find other episodes as well. While this episode may not be available in many regions due to licensing issues, you can access it using a VPN by attaching it, and if you don’t understand Japanese, you can also watch it with subtitles. Many people recommend Crunchyroll because it has a streaming license, unlike other sites that may end up getting banned.

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