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Where Are Dominique and Justin Hall Today? Update

NBC News’ “Dateline: Collision” chronicled the events leading up to Bill Hall Jr.’s death in October 2013 and the ensuing legal action. The wealthy businessman was killed in what appeared to be a clash between his wife and his mistress, leading to a horrific series of events on the highway. Authorities eventually arrested Bill’s wife, Frances, for murder. This suddenly left their two children, Dominique “Nikki” Hall and Justin Hall, parentless. So if you’re wondering how they’ve fared since then, here’s what we know.

Who are Bill and Francis Hall’s children?

Bill and Francis had been married for approximately 32 years at the time of the incident. The couple have two children, Nicky and Justin, who were born four years after her. Bill and Francis got married when they were young and started a lucrative trucking business from the ground up that made them millionaires. It means that the family is living a life of luxury. Nikki said, “As a kid, I saw a lot of love in the house. My parents worked together, so sometimes it wasn’t all love, but in the end, they came home together. Mom cooked dinner and dad was there.

Image credit: Francis Hall/Facebook

But when Frances learned that Bill business with Bonnie Contreras. At one point, Bonnie called and texted Francis, and the former spoke ill of Francis. Nikki’s frustration and fear are understandable, adding, “It’s pretty scary. She has over 4,000 photos of him and her. She’s going to put them on Facebook. She has our address. Ni also sent Frances nude photos of her having sex with Bill.

It all came to a head in October 2013. When Bill was on his bike and Connie followed him, Francis noticed them on the highway and decided to confront them. She called Nicky, who urged her to continue. Nikki then called Bonnie and told her to watch out for her. Although it is unknown what happened next, Bill ended up killing him in an accident. Bonnie and Francis have different versions of events, but Francis is arrested for murder and assault.

It’s a double whammy for Nikki and Justin. They first lost their father, then learned that their mother had been arrested for murder. Nikki always thought it was an accident, but in the end, Frances was found guilty of murder and assault. However, his lawyers argued that it was a sudden crime of passion that resulted in a short prison sentence. Even though he was only two years old, he still kept Frances away from his children and grandchildren.

Where are Bill and Francis Hall’s children today?

After the murder, the siblings were split over their father’s estate. While Francis was in prison, Nicky took over management responsibilities for the business. However, Justin respondent She moved the truck from Bill’s business to the one run by her boyfriend. He also said she ran the business out of a mess. In 2017, Justin wanted the court to declare him and Nikki beneficiaries of the trust, giving them half of the father’s share rather than passing it on to the mother. However, a judge was judged against December of that year.

Image credit: Francis Hall/Facebook

Today, the siblings seem to have pulled through. Nikki lives in San Antonio, Texas with her partner Richard Castro and their children. She has a degree in business administration from Texas State University and Richard runs his own transportation company. As for Justin, he and Sylvia are married and they also live in San Antonio with their children. He has owned a transportation business since 2014 and recently traveled to Las Vegas, Nevada with his wife.

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