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Where Are They Today? Update on the Cast

TLC’s “Family By The Ton” is an entertaining reality show about two families struggling with long-term weight loss. Both families weigh over 2,000 pounds combined, and the show shows how they’ve changed their lifestyles and developed good habits to lose weight. Additionally, while primarily focusing on each member’s wellness journey, we also get to see their relationships and daily lives, which makes it even more interesting. So, with the two seasons coming to an end and the cameras rolling, let’s see where the cast is now, shall we?

Where is Naomi Anderson now?

Naomi Anderson is encouraged to lose weight after watching her mother undergo successful bariatric surgery. Although she was initially terrified of the complications and procedures that came with the operation, she quickly decided to improve her life. Moreover, around this time, her boyfriend who had been with her for many years also broke up with her, which strengthened her resolve. In the end, she took matters into her own hands and did everything she could to prepare for the operation. Even the operation was a success and Naomi mentioned that she dreams of starting a family.

Currently, Naomi appears to be living in Tucker, GA and hasn’t given up on her weight loss efforts. Although she seems surrounded by friends and family, there is no indication that she has a romantic presence in his life. Nevertheless, Naomi currently runs a beauty, cosmetics and personal care business and we wish her all the best for the years to come.

Where is Chitoka Light now?

Naomi’s cousin, Chitoka, is also determined to lose weight and get back to a healthy lifestyle. Although she weighed around 700 pounds and had been bedridden for four years, Chitoka was determined to improve her life and sought help from a weight loss expert on her journey. In the second episode of Season 1, we saw Thousand Houses spend years indoors facing the daunting challenge of getting out for a walk. However, with unwavering determination and resolve, Chitoka was able to break her bad habits and improve her life.

Currently, Chitoka still lives in Tucker, Georgia and lives a happy life surrounded by family and friends. So far, she has managed to lose 450 pounds, but she is determined to lose more. Also, on the surface, Chitoka is now a motivational speaker and tries to use her own life as an example to encourage people.

Where is Drew Stewart now?

Drew Stewart knew his life would be in danger if he continued to gain abnormal weight. Additionally, seeing his cousins ​​Chitoka and Naomi take steps towards healthy living inspired Drew, like everyone else, to guide him on a difficult journey with the help of Dr. Charles Procter Jr. Initially, Drew had trouble even standing and walking outside was impossible. However, by controlling his diet and exercising regularly, he was ready for surgery by the end of the show.

After the operation, Drew became so serious about his health that he refused to tolerate even a small misstep. He trains regularly and even watches his weight. On the surface, Drew currently lives in Georgia and is happy with his loved ones around him. The reality TV star’s social media footage has depicted his incredible transformation, and we hope success never holds him back in the long run.

Where is Kathy Kim now?

Season 2 star Kathy Kim struggles to stick to a weight loss routine as he often succumbs to old habits. However, his mother quickly brought the situation under control and helped him on his journey. Although Casey initially weighed around 711 pounds when he was featured on the show, he prepared for the operation with a strict diet and regular exercise. In the end, the operation was a success and Casey was reborn.

After filming for Season 2 wrapped, the reality TV star embraced privacy and spoke a lot about her personal life in public. On the surface, however, Casey currently lives in Georgia and has undergone an incredible transformation. Nonetheless, he remains determined to continue his weight loss journey and we wish him all the best.

Where is Amanda Johnson now?

While Amanda Johnson also weighed around 650 pounds when she first appeared on the show, her life was in more serious danger when doctors diagnosed her with endometrial cancer. Moreover, even if the cancer grew in her body, the doctors mentioned that she would not be able to fight her disease effectively until she lost enough weight. So a dying Amanda embarks on a difficult weight loss journey and is determined to improve her life.

Interestingly, Amanda was very active on social media even after the season wrapped filming, and in April 2018, she mentioned that her weight loss surgery had come much earlier than expected. Additionally, reports from January 2019 mentioned that she was finally able to start her cancer treatment. However, Amanda has since deleted all of her social media accounts, and with no recent news from the reality star, her current whereabouts remain unclear.

Where is Amy Long now?

As Amy weighed nearly 400 pounds at the start of Season 2, she mentioned obesity causing issues with her body image and self-esteem. So she was determined to transform her life through strenuous exercise and a strict diet. Currently, Amy appears to live in Atlanta, Georgia and is in a relationship with Will Staten. She is a makeup artist and teacher and is determined to stick with her weight loss plan. Amy’s transformation has been impressive and inspiring to say the least, and we wish her well in the years to come.

Where is Ed Barnes now?

Retired firefighter Ed Barnes is determined to lose weight and get back to an active lifestyle. He knew the road would be tough, but the reality TV star was up for the challenge. On the show, Ed showed steely determination and forced himself into a grueling workout routine. Moreover, he strictly controlled his diet and refused to give up. On the surface, Ed’s determination and determination paid off as he underwent an incredible transformation. He currently lives in Georgia and keeps his fans informed of his status with regular updates. It’s refreshing to witness Ed’s success, and we wish him much happiness in the years to come.

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