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Where is Bill Hall Jr’s Mistress Today? Update

When Bill Hall Jr. was killed in a bicycle accident in Texas, authorities raced to find out what had happened. A tangled personal relationship story ultimately centered on Bill’s wife, Francis, and his mistress, Bonnie Contreras. NBC News’ “Dateline: Collision” focuses on the contrasting stories of two women in Bill’s life about what happened on that fateful day. Bonnie appeared on the show and offered her perspective on the events. So if you’re curious, here’s what we know.

Who is Bonnie Contreras?

Bill and Bonnie had been married for years when Bonnie Contreras arrived. In 2010, the young ex-exotic dancer met Bill at a spinach festival, and the two hit it off quickly. Bonnie said: “I love this man with everything I have. I still do. “I want to start a family with him. My plan is to get married, have a house and spend the rest of my life with this man. “

Image credit: NBC News

It seems to be, at least at first. Bill paid her rent, bought her two cars, and even paid for her cosmetic surgery. But in September 2013, Bill seemed to lose interest and ignore her. At that time, Bonnie threaten Talk to Francis and even call home. The two women continued to text each other, Bonnie saying, “I was just defending myself. I never threatened her. I never threatened that woman.

The day before the incident, Bill spent the night at Bonnie’s. She claimed they planned to collect her motorcycle from a warehouse the next day. On October 10, 2013, they were on the road with Bill on his bike and Bonnie in the car. By a twist of fate, Francis returned home by the same route and noticed them. Then she decides to confront Bonnie.

Bonnie claims that Francis stopped behind her and continued to hit her, swerving her into oncoming traffic. Bill ended up having trouble between the two cars, according to Bonnie. She then claimed that Francis hit Bill and continued to pursue her when Bill fell off the road. While neither of them called 911, Bonnie said she turned around and Francis followed her relentlessly until they pulled up to where the Bill’s accident happened. Francis, however, has a completely different story about the events of that day.

Where is Bonnie Contreras today?

Bonnie testified at the Francis trial in 2016, but prosecutors admitted the evidence did not support her statement. Ultimately, Francis was convicted of murder and assault, but received the minimum sentence. Finally, Bonnie Say“If I had the chance to speak to Frances face to face, I would say to her, ‘I forgive you.’ “I forgive that woman. It might be a little selfish to say that Bill isn’t here, but at the same time, I know that Bill doesn’t want her and I to be entangled together.”

Image credit: NBC News

Bonnie added, “I know who I am. I’m a good person. I never meant to hurt anyone.” She has since moved on with her life, apparently living in San Antonio, Texas. Bonnie has started several businesses and seems to be doing well. She is CEO of Body by Biss, a health spa in San Antonio. Besides that, she founded Mallyas Garden, Rhino Botanicals and Biss Botanicals.

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