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Where is Brendan Mess’ Girlfriend Today? Update

Hulu’s “Murder Before the Marathon” is a three-part investigative documentary that we can only describe as equally complex, gripping, and chilling in every way. That’s because it outlines a possible connection between the 2011 Waltham Trio and the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, with particular emphasis on each of the key people involved. But for now, if you just want to know more about Hiba Eltilib — the girlfriend of murder victim Brendan Mess and the woman who discovered the tragic scene — we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Hiba Eltilib?

Although little is known about Hiba’s early experiences, given her preference for staying out of the spotlight, she is said to have lived in England before settling in Virginia with her family. So around Easter 2011, after some personal changes, she and her boyfriend Brendan moved into a second-floor apartment at 12 Harding Avenue in Waltham, Massachusetts. According to the documentary, he first liked her temperamental and dramatic personality, but gradually caused them to have a lot of arguments, he once tell a friend“This chick is crazy.”

According to a Hulu original, Hiba and Brendan separated in the fall of 2011, before the young woman flew to Miami, Florida to freshen up with a one-way ticket. She unexpectedly returned on September 12 (the day after the incident) to find the bloodied bodies of Brendan and his two friends, Erik Weissman and Raphael Teken, at their home. She reportedly told officers during questioning that the three men were all lying in pools of blood in three separate rooms with their heads turned to the side. However, they weren’t attached.

Where is Hiba Eltilib now?

After the triple homicide, Hiba reportedly returned to Richmond, Virginia, where she was interrogated multiple times for details, but that was apparently the level of her official involvement. However, the documentary paints a bizarre picture, revealing the fact that her ex-boyfriend Jahmare Smith was killed less than two weeks before that fateful night of September 11, 2011. A man was reportedly arrested, tried and convicted for the murder, but the apparent coincidence of her husband (who is still legally married) died by suicide a month later is also puzzling.

As for Hiba’s current whereabouts, as far as we know, she returned to the UK and successfully built a good life as a professional in the white collar industry. It looks like she’s trying her best, but as mentioned above, because she likes to keep her distance from the public, we can’t pinpoint the details of her personal or professional endeavors.

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