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Where is Bruce Edwards Ivins’ Wife Today? Update

As a documentary revisiting the tragic and haunting events of the fall of 2001, Netflix’s “Anthrax Attack: In the Shadow of 9/11” can only be described as equally captivating and confusing. Indeed, this Dan Krause-directed original not only features emotional first-hand storytelling, but also dramatic recreations as well as archival footage to really get to the heart of the matter. So, of course, Diane Ivans, life partner of suspect Dr Bruce Edward Ivans, also showed up – so now, if you want to know more about her, we’ve got the details for you.

Who is Diane Ivans?

In December 1975, microbiologist Bruce happily married nursing student Diane (formerly known as Mary Diane Bage), and despite their huge age difference, they remained together for some time. He was 29 and she was only 20, but they still managed to make their connection work, a fact that they remained married until his death in July 2008. It should be mentioned that they got together. actually settled in suburban Maryland in 1978 just to live a comfortable life. that is, until Bruce was finally seriously suspected of an anthrax attack.

Diane runs a daycare outside of their residence, but she is first and foremost a homemaker and the proud mother of their adopted twins, which is why she knows more about this whole ordeal. Sadly, however, it all started to come to an end when she found her husband unresponsive on the morning of July 27, 2008, three days after he returned home from two weeks in a psychiatric ward. Bruce died on July 29 from an intentional overdose – a drug he took that destroyed his liver, but his wife refused to put him on the transplant list because she was sure he didn’t want it not.

” It’s not rare [Bruce] sleeps all day because he’s been depressed and worried about this investigation [into him in connection with the 2001 anthrax attacks]said Diane, according to the Netflix original. “He felt incredibly, incredibly stressed because of the way he was being hunted down by the FBI. I think he can’t take it anymore. “

Where is Diane Ivans now?

In a letter Diane wrote to her husband as he was released from the psychiatric hospital and picked up from his bedside table by officials, she expressed all her feelings. One part read, “I am hurt, worried, confused and angry at your actions over the past few weeks. You told me you loved me, but you were rude, sarcastic and obscene many times when you spoke to me. You tell me you’re not going to buy a gun anymore, then you complete the online application for a gun license. She even worried that he wasn’t following medical advice to reduce stress.

According to the police report, Diane told detectives that the second page of the letter was missing and she told Bruce that she “knew he was innocent of the anthrax letter and I never suspected him. “. So, unsurprisingly, she still uses her married name and continues to live near Frederick, Maryland – the place she called home for nearly 45 years. We should mention that Diane previously served as President of Frederick County Right to Life, a pro-life (pro-life) non-profit organization.

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