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Where Is Making the Cut Season 3 Runner-Up Today? Update

Amazon Prime’s “Making The Cut” provides a platform for budding designers to show off their skills and compete in a series of challenges that test their skills and mettle. While the show drew designers from around the world, they stayed together throughout the season, which further cemented their bond. Plus, as some contestants are eliminated after each challenge, the top three will face off in a thrilling season finale before the judges select a winner.

While Rafael Chaouiche has created some amazing designs on the show, fans were in awe of his charming yet down-to-earth personality. Moreover, he also mentioned that he never set foot outside of his native Brazil before appearing on the show. However, now that the cameras are on, let’s see where Raphael is, shall we?

The Tour of the Montage by Rafael Chaouiche

Rafael Chaouiche grew up in a small rural town in Brazil and came from a close-knit family. He discovered his passion for fashion design at a young age and was determined to pursue a career in the industry. So, after high school, Rafael moved to Curitiba, Brazil, where he studied fashion. However, Rafael soon got a chance to practice in the fashion industry and decided to drop out in his third year to start his career. Later, he even took inspiration from the powerful women around him to create his own fashion brand, Chauiche.

Image credit: James Clark/Prime Video

Before appearing on the show, Rafael mentioned that his mother was battling cancer and he was very worried. However, from an early age, his parents pushed him to achieve his dreams, so his mother encouraged him to keep playing even if something happened. Also, Rafael was nervous about appearing on the show, as it was his first time out of Brazil. However, with the encouragement of those close to him, he finally decided to take a chance and fly off to take on his rivals.

On the show, Rafael wowed the judges with his designs and lively, humble personality. He even let his uniqueness shine through in his creations and won the Activewear Challenge. In the end, Rafael finished in the top two with Yannik and impressed the judges with his ten works. However, his efforts ended in failure and the Brazilian designer had to settle for second place.

Where is Rafael Chaouiche now?

Rafael’s own fashion brand, Chaouiche, is known for its creativity and unique designs. In fact, as he is inspired by the lives of powerful women, he uses many bold colors and patterns in his designs. Additionally, Rafael was also known for his unique use of fabrics and sculptural tailoring, which helped boost his popularity almost overnight.

Currently, Rafael lives in Curitiba, Brazil, where he runs his own fashion brand. Moreover, he even shares his creations on social media, which has catapulted his brand into the limelight. Since “Making The Cut” is Rafael’s first performance outside of Brazil, we believe his performance on the show will promote his brand globally and greatly expand his reach. On the other hand, readers are also thrilled to hear that the Brazilian designer seems to be in a relationship and has built a happy life for himself.

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