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Where To Watch Jhansi Season 2 Web Series? All Episodes, Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast & More!

There is too much content on the Internet, and the trend of online dramas is now at a higher level. It can be said that people nowadays prefer to choose online dramas instead of movies. While there are hundreds of web series in English and other world languages, most people prefer regional movies and series in India these days. So we can say that these collections have become trendy so far.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Jhansi Season 2 Web Series Trailer

Although we can say that these years have seen new collections from different regions. One such series from the south that is being talked about these days is called Jhansi and its 2nd season is about to be released. Stay tuned as we cover the details of Jhansi Season 2 with release dates, cast and other details. While the first season was good and attracted a lot of viewers, the second season is out now.

Where to watch Jhansi season 2 web series?

There was no date mentioned earlier, but now the Jhansi team has mentioned dates and other details. According to reports, the second season of the show will premiere on Disney++ Hotstar, and you can watch the show after paying a subscription fee, and you can enjoy Disney and other episodes on this platform. According to many critics, the series was pretty low on the writing side of the first season.

Jhansi season 2 web series release date

Due to the poor performance of the first season, the second season has now started. It can be said that the survival of the second season is very difficult, but as far as the current broadcast time is concerned, it is said that the series will be released on the 19thday Airing Thursdays, January 2023 on Disney++ Hotstar, the series also features a massive cast. Whereas in this series, the main star is Anjali, she is a natural actress who has also acted in many southern industrial films.

Jhansi Season 2 Web Series Storyline

According to reports, the series is now only available in Telugu and a subtitled or multilingual version may depend on how the show performs. In the series, Anjali will play the role of Mahitha/Jhansi and Thiru will direct the second season, which will pick up where the first season left off and the story will continue thereafter. In the last part, we see Billu being taken away, Jhansi loses his memory and finds himself with nowhere to go.

In the next part, we can see that she wants her problems to develop and wants to get her brother back from hell, while he was last seen in Goa with a girl named Barbie by Chandi Nichoudhari is portrayed, and the girl is from a brothel so the story gets interesting here. Talking about the cast of the series, the producers of the web series are Krishna Kulasekaran and KS Madhubala

And now streaming on Disney’s Hotstar, the web series stars Anjali, Chandini Choudhary, Aadarsh ​​Balkishan, Raj Arjun, Rameshwari Talluri and Smyukta Hornad as well as other actors who will support the protagonists of the story. Speaking of ratings, the first season of the series got a 5.6-5.5 rating on IMDB.

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