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Where To Watch Sauda Web Series 2022? Leo App, Release Date, Trailer, All New Episodes, Star Cast & More!

OTT is the new trend these days, with new series being released online every day, content consumption has become something easier and more accessible. While there are hundreds of OTT platforms to choose what to watch and what not to watch, more people want to watch more romantic and daring genre movies and web series, in which case smaller OTT platforms promote such content And get views more easily. While one such app released recently has been gaining viewers, it’s called the Leo App, and it’s quickly gaining more viewers.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Where to watch Sauda web series 2022?

With new content released on a monthly and weekly basis, the Leo app quickly gained a large audience and the app gained a large audience. Leo apps have a lot of viewers, so they especially attract a lot of viewers. Leo app now has a new series called Sauda, ​​which means trade in English. Although, as the name suggests, the story of the story may revolve around deals and dealings involving humans. Leo app has now released series in Hindi, currently its audience is in Hindi, maybe this app can handle subtitles or publish content in multiple languages ​​later.

Sauda web series release date

The Leo app has launched a new web series called Sauda. While the series trailer has been released, the app has mentioned the release date of the series, and the series has high demand and viewing. The release date of the series is 26day December 2022. While available to watch on the Leo app, the series is currently only available in Hindi. The genre of the series has been described as bold, romantic and adult. Mention that only adult viewers are allowed. Talking about the cast of the series, the main character of the series is played by Preeti Puneet while the names of the supporting actors have not been mentioned by the team.

Sauda Web Series Storyline

Now for the story of the web drama, which revolves around a landlady and her fantasies that she wants to accomplish and fulfill in any way. Speaking of which, she finds ways to find physical satisfaction and mental peace through her actions. This woman has many men in her building and she wants her fantasies to come true through her games. When she plays certain games with her tenants. The series is called Sauda because women sometimes deal with men they don’t have and get intimate with them by dealing with them in private.

While this app, the Leo app has many series, there is also a YouTube channel to the app that posts teasers of newly released stories on the app. Speaking of there are many series on the app, some of the most popular and viewer favorite series are as follows, Picnic or Ladki, Online Dating, Akelapan, etc. There are also many series that are not yet released and will be released on the app soon.

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