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Where To Watch Wild Fantasy Web Series Cine Prime App, All Episodes, Release Date, Trailer, Star Cast & More!

Cine prime app is one of the apps in the Indian web series industry that is getting hyped due to its online content. With hundreds of online series to watch, the Cine prime app has been providing plenty of entertainment to the viewers. It can be said that the app publishes content on a weekly basis, so there are many web series on it, and its viewers love to watch web series through the app. This app has been promoting its content on a massive scale due to low subscription rate and content time. The app has now launched a new web series called the Wild Fantasy web series. Stay tuned as we introduce details about the main app for this upcoming web series.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Where can I watch the Wild Fantasy web series?

Cine prime app is one of the web drama platform apps with the highest ratings. There are many web dramas and many viewers. It can now be said that the upcoming web series has been loved by the audience, and the trailer of this app is also the most viewed and commented on. The name of the web series is Wild Fantasy. As the name suggests, the series revolves around the fantasies of the protagonists of the web series. While a trailer for the web series has been released on the app’s YouTube channel, the storyline is also engaging, garnering a lot of views and likes from viewers. Though no details about its director and writer have been mentioned yet.

Wild fantasy web drama genre

Now let’s talk about the types of web dramas, then this web drama revolves around a love angle, so there will be many bold and romantic scenes in this web drama. The genres of this web series are drama, fantasy and romance. It is recommended to watch online dramas over 18 years old or adults. As of now, the web series will be released in Hindi only and there will be around 2 episodes of the web series, each episode will last around 30 minutes to 25 minutes in length. While this web series is all about the wild world of fantasy, this story will explore the darker side of love.

Wild Fantasy web drama star lineup

Taniya Chatterjee is the main female lead in this web drama, although Taniya can be said to be an experienced actress, she has worked with many platforms and also worked for many web dramas for cine prime app. Now when it comes to the cast of the web drama, the other details of the cast of this web drama have yet to be mentioned by the producer of the web drama. Maybe they’ll mention supporting characters in the coming days or when the web series launches.Now let’s talk about the release date of the web drama, then the web drama will be released on the 6thday Friday, January 2023.

Speaking of the plot of the web drama, then this web drama revolves around the story of a boy who fell in love with a girl during college. The couple has been intimate several times and they are enjoying their love life. After graduation, the girl eventually became addicted to drugs and started using drugs so much that the boy had to leave her. The guy is married now, but he’s obsessed with intimacy. Surprisingly, the wife of the web series’ protagonist denies having an intimate relationship. What this guy is going to do now is the story of the web series.

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