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Who Are Jordan Yates Parents Evan And Camille Grayson? Family Details About The Sam Houston State Quarterback

American athlete Jordan Yates is best known as a quarterback for Sam Houston State. In early April 2022, he was added to the group.

Former Georgia Tech player Yett signed on to the transfer site shortly after his 2021 campaign.

In addition to UMass, FCS schools Jacksonville State, Towson, Massachusetts, Alabama State and East Tennessee State all offer scholarships to students.

Jordan was friendly with Sam Houston State’s new offensive coordinator, John Perry. Perry and TJ Yates worked together from 2019 to 2020, while Perry was part of the Houston Texans coaching staff. TJ Yates is the wide receiver coach for the Falcons.

Jordan Yates

Jordan Yates

QB Jordan Yates Parents: Father Evan and mother Camille Grayson

Jordan Yate’s parents are Evan and Camille Grayson. During the game, his parents often showed up to encourage him.

TJ Yates, a four-year starter as a North Carolina quarterback, has a brother named Evan. Jordan, the SHSU quarterback, has a proud father.

Jordan went on to upload photos of his family to Instagram. He also keeps some old photos of him and his father as children.

Jordan made a note for his Father’s Day that read: “Glad my dad is around to love you, Happy Father’s Day!” You can reach Mr. Evan on Instagram at @evan yates.

After seeing his Instagram post it was discovered that his parents were no longer married. His mother remarried to health and happiness-promoting Atlanta native Ray Grayson (@mrshutupandtr).

“Want to wish my stepfather a Happy Father’s Day too,” Jordan said next to a 2016 photo with his mother and stepfather.

From his mother’s second marriage to Grayson, he has two brothers and one sister as half-siblings.

Still, Jordan never missed an opportunity to thank his mother for her support and the sacrifices she made for her family. He easily connects with friends like mom.

Jordan Yates Girlfriend & Dating Life

Jordan Yates does not appear to have a girlfriend and is currently single. For now, the QB is more concerned with his career.

So far, he has not revealed anything about his dating life. When looking at his social media profiles, nothing about his partner was found.

Although he never revealed it, Jordan may have had at least one romance in the past. However, he is not yet married and has not started a relationship.

The player’s emotional status is unknown at this time, as he hasn’t discussed it publicly.

On photo-sharing sites, he mainly posts photos of his work activities. He also shared some photos with his family. However, none of the pictures suggested he was in a partner or romantic relationship.

Yates is a SHSU player who is open about his personal life, so maybe he will talk about his girlfriend soon too.

Jordan Yates Wikipedia and Bio

Sam Houston State’s quarterback is Jordan Yates. He played 14 games in three seasons with the Yellow Jackets, showing his potential as a playmaker who wasn’t afraid to take risks.

Jordan was rated a 3-star talent by ESPN, Rivals and 247Sports during his high school career.

A senior in the 7A state championship game, he helped Milton win its first state championship in 69 years with a 14-13 victory over top-ranked Colquitt County.

He had the best rookie performance against Virginia Tech in his first season at Georgia Tech, with 10 carries for 16 yards and four passes for 38 yards.

He was placed on the ACC Honor Roll for the 2019 campaign. He has appeared in three games as a backup quarterback in 2020, including one at Syracuse on September 26.

Jordan Yates and his mom

Jordan Yates and his mom

Jordan Yates Age: How old is Sam Houston State quarterback?

Sam Houston State quarterback Jordan Yett appears to be in his 20s by his looks. His actual age and date of birth are not known.

On August 25, he held a private birthday celebration with his loved ones. According to his birth details, Jordan is a Leo.

He started playing football at the age of five, and on the field was where he eventually developed the internet. He is currently one of the most popular quarterbacks in the country.

He holds U.S. citizenship because he was born to American parents in Alpharetta, Georgia.

Milton High School is where Jordan completed his elementary education. He then went to Georgia Tech, where he earned his degree in 2020.

Jordan Yates girlfriends and relationships

It appears Jordan Yates doesn’t have a girlfriend at this time. At this stage of his career, the quarterback is more focused on his career goals.

So far, he has been quiet about his dating life. There is absolutely no information about his relationship on any of his social media profiles.

Jordan may have had romantic partnerships in the past, but he never brought it up. Even so, he has not been married or engaged to anyone until this moment in his life.

Since the player has not discussed his personal life, including his love life, we cannot determine his current relationship status.

On the photo-sharing site, most of the pictures he uploads are examples of his work; however, he also includes pictures of his family. On the other hand, none of the photos offer any insight into his romantic life or relationships.

Since SHSU player Yates is about to talk about his personal life, he may soon discuss his relationship with his girlfriend.

How old is Jordan Yates? How old is Sam Houston State’s quarterback?

Sam Houston State quarterback position is filled by Jordan Yett. Judging from his appearance, he should at least be in his early twenties. We currently do not have any information on his date of birth or age.

August 25 is his birthday, which he celebrates with his family and those closest to him. Leo best describes Jordan because of when and where he was born.

He started playing football at the age of five, and as he got older he learned how to use the internet on the pitch. He quickly became one of the most famous quarterbacks in America.

Alpharetta, Georgia, United States of America is where his parents chose to have him born. He was born and raised in the United States.

Jordan received his elementary and secondary education at Milton High School. After that, he earned a degree from Georgia Tech in 2020.

Young American football player Jordan Yates is the starting quarterback for Georgia Tech. Yates is from Georgia. He was born and raised in the United States.

Yates, who joined the team in 2019, was given a chance to play while the starter was injured and was exceptional in his role.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jordan will now start the majority of games for Georgia Tech after two standout performances.

Due to his increasing popularity, people are showing more interest in his personal life and other things about him these days.

Here’s a full rundown of everything you need to know about football quarterback Jordan Yates.

Jordan Yates salary and net worth revealed

It’s impossible to determine how much Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates makes.

Again, official sources have not confirmed the total amount Yates has.

Because Jordan didn’t do much to differentiate himself as a freshman, he hasn’t gotten a lot of attention so far. As a result, he rarely appears in the spotlight.

Despite his rarity, Jordan Yates is believed to have a net worth between $100,000 and $1 million. Although he is rare.

Georgia Tech football quarterback Jordan Yates uses the name @jyates on his Instagram account. You can follow him there.

Jordan regularly updates his verified Instagram account, which has more than 12,000 followers, featuring photos of him during various games and training sessions.

Meet Jordan Yates on Instagram

On Instagram, Jordan Yates posts as @jyates. You can find him there.

Jordan posts photos of his games and training to a verified Instagram account with over 12,000 followers. On this account, Jordan shares his stats.

Rising Georgia Tech quarterback Jordan Yates has been getting help from his parents and advice on how to become a professional football player. Yates is a rising star on the Yellow Jackets.

Georgia Tech’s young quarterback, Jordan Yates, is Jordan Yates. In the United States, he played professional football.

Yates is relatively new to the team, having only joined the team in 2019, but he took full advantage of the starter’s injury.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Jordan is expected to start more games for the Yellow Jackets after a few games at Georgia Tech.

Curiosity about his personal life and other similar information has grown in recent days. This is likely because he is increasingly known and loved by the general public.

So, in that case, here’s everything you can know about Jordan Yates, the football quarterback.

Evan Yates and Camille Grayson, who would later become Jordan Yates’ parent, gave birth to their son, Jordan Yates.

Although his parents’ work history remains a closely guarded secret, Yates has never been shy about the support and encouragement he received from his parents.

Yates’ father, Evan, instilled in him the importance of dreaming big from an early age, and Yates’ mother has been a cornerstone of his life, encouraging him every moment.

In addition to his biological father, he has a stepfather named Ray Grayson who encouraged him to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, according to the Arizona Daily Star.

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