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Who Are Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Full Controversy Explained!

Blurred footage of the former captain of Australian cricketer Michael Clarke has been broadcast, in which the batsman can be seen shirtless, speaking very rudely and swearing throughout the video. In this video, another person is seen participating in a heated argument, and is quickly recognized by people and viewers.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Michael Clarke and Karl Stefanovic Viral Video

In addition to Clark, the person featured in the footage is TODAY host Karl Stefanovic, who was involved in a heated argument between Michael and his girlfriend. Stay tuned as we detail this controversy. According to reports, Michael was on holiday with his girlfriend, who he also had with his girlfriend’s sister and his partner. The former cricketer was on holiday with his girlfriend in Queensland, where the video was filmed and the man can be seen arguing,

Michael Clarke & Karl Stefanovic Full Video

And he was accused of cheating in this video. Jade Yarbrough, Michaela’s current girlfriend, accused Michael of infidelity with his ex, and the couple was with another couple, Jade’s sister Jasmine and her husband, talk show host Karl.This happened earlier this month and now the brawl/dispute video is being played, reports say it happened on the 11thday January 2023.

During the heated altercation, Michael was seen arguing with his girlfriend, Jade, who said he and his ex-girlfriend Pip Edwards had cheated on her. In this conversation, we can clearly see Jed and Michael arguing, while Michael appears shirtless in front of the house, and the two are arguing. Jade shows Michael their text messages, while Karl and Jasmine are seen coming forward.

Michael Clarke and Karl Stefanovic video controversy explained

According to Jed, Michelle texted his ex-partner during the dispute and he was also intimate with her on Christmas Eve, which is what Jed said in the video. During this conversation, when Jade is seen getting closer to Michael, she slaps Carl when he comes in. Carl tries to settle the dispute, but instead of speaking to him, Michael slaps him for interfering.

On the other side, I saw that Jade was furious because of this incident, and hit me if she said she wanted to hit me. This time, the two scolded and yelled at the same time. The entire conversation was recorded and uploaded online, and while Michael was clearly visible throughout the altercation, the faces of the others were later blurred due to the distance of the recording.

After the video went viral, both Jade and Michael responded quickly and had a confrontation over the matter. Michael apologized for his actions as she was being mean and rude, saying his actions had led to an argument that was not something to be ashamed of and regretted, adding that he was appalled that he had gone out. On the other hand, Jade also responded to the incident, she posted on social media that Michael is not real, he is not responsible for his actions, she mentioned that she was blatantly cheated.

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