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Who Is ANTONIO BROWN Snapchat Story & Photos With Girl Viral On Twitter & Reddit!

Former NFL player Antonio Brown is in the news for all the wrong reasons. The Snapchat team mentioned that the former contestant has been sharing explicit images on his page, which is strictly prohibited by the platform, which is clean. While the images shared online contain hints and other content, Brown has also been in the news after he began posting images online that were Photoshopped and explicitly included.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Antonio Brown Snapchat Post

The mother of his children responded that she reported his page because the photos would not be shared. The incident reportedly occurred this week when Brown decided to post photos online of his ex-partner, which he allegedly posted on his Snapchat page. After the incident, the Snapchat team responded that Brown’s account had been deactivated following the incident.

Antonio Brown’s viral Snapchat stories and photos with girls

The explicit content was seen in the videos, which went viral in no time. The woman who participated in or featured in this video is Chelsie Kryiss and she is getting bodied with brown in the video. Kyriss is the mother of Brown’s four children. Earlier, he also mocked a footballer on social media and mocked his wife. In the video, Kyriss is seen performing spoken $*x on Brown’s bed while the payer is recording the video.

The video doesn’t appear to have been shared shortly after it was recorded, and it may have been recorded earlier, as Brown and Carys are not currently in a relationship, but separated. Asked about the photos and videos, Kyriss said she was shocked when she saw the videos, however, she said she reported Brown’s claims soon after seeing them. She said she felt sorry for Brown’s children who followed him because they would see things they shouldn’t.

Antonio Brown: Wikipedia and Bio

Brown’s children are used to seeing him as a role model, she added. Kyriss also said she would not condone Brown’s actions because she knew the children were involved in his social activities. Instead of clarifying things and apologizing for sharing such content without the permission of those involved, or getting rid of the controversy, Brow added content to his tweet and also failed to apologize, adding, I can still Say what? He also added that people should be playing football, not with him.

It’s unclear who made the post, but his behavior isn’t new, and as previously stated, Brown shared a photo like this online earlier, and he hasn’t apologized. Also earlier in November, Brown posted photos in which he mocked soccer player Tom Brady. Brown posted a photo of Brady’s ex-wife online, which is an NSFW photo of a naked woman with the face of Tom’s ex-wife.

The photo came out of nowhere, and as previously stated, Brown has not given any explanation for it, nor has he apologized to the woman. Asked why he did something like this online, Brown added that he didn’t want to make fun of Tom’s girlfriend, adding that people didn’t understand what he meant.

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