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Who Is Babo Cartel De Santa Full Video Viral On Twitter & Reddit, Full Controversy Explained!

Cartel De Santa, a rap group from Mexico, has been the talk of the town these days after one of its members went viral on the internet for all the wrong reasons. Speaking of Cartel De Santa, there are now two members, namely Babo and Rowan Rabia, who are the leaders of the Mexican rap group, and there was a member named Dharius in this group earlier. Talk about the controversy that was going on at the time and is now the head of the group.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

who is bob

Babo made the news after a video purportedly of him went viral on the internet and people couldn’t help but make fun of it. Memes and posts have popped up on Babo’s online videos. Stay tuned as we cover the details of this controversy. Babo, the leader of Cartel De Santa, is on Only F, and he’s been making a lot of money through the platform. It can be said that this rapper has been posting his own explicit videos on this platform, and charges for fans to see.

Babo Cartel De Santa Full Video

The head of the group allegedly filmed himself making out with a girl and posted it on Only F. Soon, the video was posted on Only F, and even though it was played privately, one of his followers posted the video on social media and his video quickly went viral and is now widely circulated on the Internet spread. Soon after the video was posted online, fans went crazy, posting and reposting the video online.

Babo Cartel De Santa Video Controversy Explained

A cut version of the video, which does not show the intimacy, was released earlier on YouTube, but a full or uncut version was released on Only F, mostly streamed by viewers. According to the Only F website where Babo’s account is located, Babo charged about $50 for posting the uncut version of the video, and he allegedly charged people $50 to watch it and access his adult videos, anyway the video is now is free on the internet. Babo, on the other hand, went crazy after seeing his video go viral.

Babo Cartel De Santa video link

After Babo’s video was shared online, fans went crazy and posted it everywhere. Earlier, the video was posted on Twitter and it was also shared on other social media platforms. As anything goes viral on the internet, this video has been shared a lot and viewed a lot, and on the other hand, this video has also been made fun of. People started using pictures of Babo and making Babo memes and funny pictures on the internet.

Speaking of the video inside, first the women walked naked earlier, and later saw Babo getting intimate with a model on the screen. On Twitter, a series of tweets were seen in which people posted videos and memes and made fun of Babo online. One user wrote that he just saw Babo’s video and couldn’t unwatch it now, while he also posted a video of Cardi B screaming. Another Twitter user added that Babo’s video was so messed up that it needed to stop spreading on the internet. While another said she had just seen the video and was speechless to see such a video circulating for free, while the person added a screaming face of a duck.

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