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Who Is BABO CARTEL DE SANTA Video Went Viral On Twitter, Reddit & YouTube Link!

Babo Cartel De Santa is a music group from Mexico, and a band that became quite famous in the late 90’s. The group is made up of members who have played music, sung and written for the band. Initially, the group was named under different labels, and they kept changing names until they settled on it.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Babo Cartel De Santa Video Goes Viral

Members include the band’s lead singer Eduardo Davalos and Roman Rodriguez, commonly known as Rowan. Although Rowan disappeared without a trace after the group broke up, Cartel remains one of the most popular rappers. Let’s take a closer look at Rapper Cartel. The cartel started to gain prominence as far back as 1999, but in 2003 it came into the limelight.

Who is Babo Cartel De Santa?

Their first widely played album was Cartel De Santa Vol. After that, many distributions like Asessinos De Asesinos, Cannabis Sativa, La Peloton, etc. came out. Later that year, Cartel produced another music video called Perros, which also became a hit and aired to Latin America on MTV. The second volume of Cartel De Sanat was also released in 2004 and includes songs like La Llamada, Cronica, Blah blah blah, etc.

Babo Cartel De Santa’s Latest Video Goes Viral

In 2008, the band released another album of music called Babo Regrsea, which gained popularity following the singer’s release from prison. Speaking of Eduardo’s imprisonment, he was imprisoned for killing one of his friends by mistake, which led to him being imprisoned for 40 years. During his eight months in prison, he wrote the lyrics for his fourth volume, which was also a hit.

His wife later bailed the singer for an $8,000 ransom, resulting in a reduced sentence. After being released from prison in January 2008, he began to create music and released an album in February of the same year. While he was in prison and going through hardships, Eduardo went through a lot of changes, from working out to getting tattoos.

Babo Cartel De Santa: Wikipedia and Bio

Speaking about the accident, Eduardo said he wanted to kill another person, but the bullet hit the floor and hit his friend, killing the wrong person. The last song he released was a mild version called Viejo Marihuana in 2016. After he was released from prison,

Eduardo has released 4 different albums ranging from hits to bestsellers. There have been rumors that the band may return this year, but neither the date nor the title of the album has been confirmed by any source. The singer didn’t update, so after so many years of waiting and 6 years of hiatus, he’s going to have a surprise.

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