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Who Is Brian Vollhardt? Wolters Elementary School Fresno Ex-Principal Charged with Child Abuse

Walters Elementary School principal Brian Walhart is under suspicion again after shocking CCTV footage emerged as authorities charged him with child abuse and endangerment. Yes, you heard right, the surveillance cameras show a violent angle against an 11-year-old child. As soon as the news spread on social media, countless people began to condemn the director’s behavior and demanded severe punishment. No one dared to do such a thing. So, below, you can explore everything you need to know along with some unknown facts.

It’s barely been a day since the controversial images surfaced, according to scoops or sources, although countless reactions have been posted. Even the parent of the child who studies in the same school condemns his behavior, saying that if he holds things like that, he should be expelled. All in all, the entire management team of the school is ashamed of this behavior, so they also make sure that the students do not have to deal with this situation again.

On June 7, 2022, Brian Walhart reportedly resigned and also received a resignation letter as he communicated on his background. So that’s the reason why he won’t be placed in any of the same schools again because he’s now blacklisted and that’s the reason the police are taking tough action against him and looking forward to open its previous folder as well. Judging by the way he was executed, maybe he did other things that couldn’t be hidden from the authorities.

  • Brian Walhart charged with child abuse and child endangerment
  • Former Principal of Walters Elementary School
  • Serving a long sentence after filing a complaint
  • Ann Frank, the victim’s guardian, demands drastic measures
  • He attacked the boy at school
  • CCTV is under police investigation
  • He was also blacklisted

We therefore refer here to this information from other important sources, which is why there is still very little to reveal. So we will keep you posted when any news comes out, as we are eager to get the information as well. Because there are still reports throwing more coins while posting unknown facts, we’ll be sure to let you know when we have anything, so stay tuned for more.

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