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Who Is Chelsie Kyriss Snapchat Post & Story Went Viral On Twitter & Reddit Link!

A former NFL player named Antonio Brown has been in the news for allegedly posting images online and NSFW content in which those involved in the video were seen sharing innuendo. The video caught the attention of a wide audience, and the mother of his child, who also participated in the video, quickly shared the response and posted her story online.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Chelsie Kyriss Snapchat Posts and Story Videos

The video was shared online by Brown, while on the other hand, the player can be seen getting suspended by Snapchat for sharing such explicit content online. The Snapchat team responded and reported it to the media. Stay tuned for our detailed coverage of the controversy. Former NFL player Antonio Brown has been suspended from Snapchat after he posted sexual or NSFW content online on his Snapchat, TMZ reported.

Not long after the news broke, reports on the player began to pour in. On the other hand, the video, which saw his ex-partner Chelsie Kyriss share a message with Brown, got a lot of attention from viewers. Although the report said that Brown had also posted such content online before sharing the intimate video. There has been no apology from the player after such a private video was shared online.

Chelsie Kyriss Viral Video

Chelsea, who is seen in the video with clear face in the video posted online, said she quickly reported Brown’s Snapchat account after seeing the video. In the video, Kyriss/Chelsie is seen performing oral sex with Brown, while in another, Brown and Chelsie are seen in their bed. The video may have been recorded earlier, as the two are not currently in a relationship and they have separated.

Chelsie, devastated to hear the news and see the video, added that his own children see him as a role model and they regularly check his social media. She added that he knew that if he did something like this online, his children would be involved too. Chelsie, who has four children with Brown and who is currently with Chelsie, was devastated when she saw the video, adding that she saw it and reported it.

Chelsie Kyriss Snapchat Post and Story Controversy Explained

She added in a story on her Instagram page that she knew the man had filmed some of their intimate videos and she asked him to keep them private and not expose them. Chelsie mentions that she specifically mentions him so as not to reveal private parts of their past relationship, which he refuses to do. She added that she had reported something online and she felt sorry for her children because they may have seen the videos by now.

Chelsie also added that she reported Brown’s account and they did not allow him to repost the videos. On the counter side, this isn’t the first time Brown has done something like this, earlier he also posted an NSFW photo of a woman he photoshopped online of Tom’s ex-wife Gisele, in which another woman is nude Giselle’s body was Photoshopped. Now he’s sharing videos like this online, tweeting that you should be playing football instead of him. The implications of that statement are unclear, and Brown has made no apologies for his actions.

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