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Who Is Duncan Kealoha Mahi? Hawaii Island Kidnapper To Undergo Mental Fitness Exam!

Welcome back everyone, we’ve seen a lot of deranged criminals throughout human history and today we’re going to talk about a famous Hawaiian Island kidnapper identified as Duncan Kealoha Mahi. It was recently confirmed that he is undergoing a mental health check.He is currently 52 years old, suspected Eve and follows our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Duncan Kealoha Mahi?

Accused of abducting a 15-year-old from a nearby beach. He was successfully captured and arrested by the police who arrived, and the prosecution began against him. It wasn’t his only crime, as he was charged with multiple kidnappings, terrorist threats and robberies, including drug trafficking and sexual assault of minors. He’s just the sound offender, and a million dollar car bail is set for him.

He was brought before those in charge via video conference, suspected of being mentally ill after experiencing so much terrorism and abuse. He is 5-foot-11 with tattoos on both arms and brown eyes. He has kidnapped several teenagers, most recently an innocent girl playing on the beach, and police have circulated posters and images of him at nearby police stations.

The kidnapping happened a few weeks ago and the victim’s family is very concerned about their youngster, luckily she was found by the police intact and he was unable to get any money back or ask for any kind of ransom. He deserves all of his Crimes are punished and people like him deserve no place in the human world because

They are all conspicuous monsters, visible to everyone, and he has many unfinished orders. Many on social media wrote that his family and friends should have reported him before he did any of this and that it is very dangerous to have any relationship or connection with such a psychopath. No one knows his thought process and what he was thinking when he committed all these crimes.

When he was apprehended around 11:00 am, he was driving a Honda CRV with license plate ZAE959. The interrogation began immediately and police are asking for information at (808)-035-3311. Many claimed to turn him on, which is how authorities were able to catch him. Time, and only a doctor will tell him what’s wrong. We will be back with more updates, until then stay tuned to our website.

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