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Who Is Dylan Mortensen? All About The Surviving Roommate In Idaho Murder Case!

Hello readers, welcome back to this article tomorrow as we discuss the shocking events involving a suspect on the night of the massacre. Several people have wondered about the whole thing and the person identified as Dylan Mortenson, who is believed to have heard Kelly Gunravese playing with the dog upstairs.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Dylan Mortensen?

It took several minutes for Mortensen to learn that her 21-year-old friend had mentioned there was something, but when she went to check what it was, Dylan went to her bedroom to check, except for the second time she heard someone in her roommate’s bedroom Weeping in, roommate’s name is Xana Kernodle.

Why Dylan Mortensen Waited Six Hours Before Calling 911 After Sighting The Killer

Mortensen, a male voice, later, when she called for help, told her that she was fine now, but when Mortensen went to check on her bedroom for the third time, she saw something very scary, a man in black standing The black mask that stops him from breathing covers his nose and mouth.

Dylan Mortensen: Wikipedia and Biography

She was devastated after watching it all that night, before she learned that three of her roommates, including one of their boyfriends, had been grievously murdered in the hours following the entire investigation, and it turned out that this particular incident had significant impact on Stayed overnight in a rental house in Muskox, Idaho.

However, the location of the entire incident is now under investigation and has recently come into the national spotlight when it comes to talking time, as investigators believe this particular murder occurred between 4:00 and 4:25 a.m. to be the scene of the death. The police department is still working on it. to know more information.


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