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Who Is Ezekiel Kelly? Police Arrested 19-year-Old Memphis Shooting Suspect

The arrest of 19-year-old Ezekiel Kelly by authorities in connection with the Memphis shooting has become the cause of outcry. The suspect, who has wandered freely for a long time, is finally in custody and the police are continuing the investigation in order to find out everything as soon as possible. Because now they don’t even want to have a chance with him, as if they left him, he can also perform other deadly feats.

According to exclusive reports or sources, Ezekiel Kelly, 19, live-streamed his shooting on Facebook, in which apparently around 3 people lost their lives, others were fatally injured and had to come to the center nearest medical. Currently they are being treated by medics and their wounds may heal but their statement has been recorded by the police department and an investigation is based on that so that if anyone is behind them they can catch that person as well.

According to reports, Ezekiel, although he knew there were many with his family, would see all their happiness ruined if he was hit by a bullet. But on top of that he kept shooting bullets but the question is who gave him a gun when he was very young. As a result, her family is also being investigated by the authorities so that she can confess everything while giving appropriate answers to her questioning. Because the needle of suspicion was pointed at them too, because if they knew he had a gun, then why didn’t they stop him from getting out?

Who is Ezekiel Kelly?

  • Ezekiel Kally, 19, shot three people and injured several.
  • Ezekiel Kally was live on Facebook as he committed the crime.
  • His parents were also detained for questioning.
  • Previously, he was also tasked with another role.
  • Defaulters are not affiliated with any notorious group.
  • Currently in jail
  • Ezekiel Kally of Memphis

As soon as the news circulated on social media sites, countless people started condemning him and at the same time demanded that the relevant authorities take severe action against him because he killed 3 people in this heinous way without no crime. Because while carrying out the crime, he saw everyone laughing in the video. So now everyone is asking for justice for the deceased, for the deceased and for the injured who are currently being treated by the medical team. So if anything happens we’ll be sure to let you know, stay tuned with us.

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