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Who Is Fay Johnson? A Woman Spared Jail After Hitting A 12-Year-Old Boy With Paddle!

We’ve brought the latest update here and it’s pretty shocking so we’ve got this information that’s caused a lot of controversy lately about a man who got away or a 12 year old boy who got permanently scared after mistakenly punching him in the face, So make sure to read this post till the end as we have the latest update right here. Fay Johnson, 32, left a group after children threw mud and rocks on paddle boards as she and her three children passed by.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Fay Johnson?

It is understood that the official consultant in the luxury car sales room looked at each other. The teacher was paddled away while running, with blood streaming down her face and blood. As of now, no evidence has been found on her paddle board that day, but the investigation is still ongoing. middle.

Afterwards she was one of those who objected to him as they were both equally involved in the argument and a witness who was present also mentioned that they were both pushing each other and the answer was that the accused hit him with the racket he had at hand. Hit people. A large gash appeared on his forehead.

Woman survives after hitting 12-year-old boy with paddle

The girl who was introduced was pissed off and that’s why, she’s clearly lost her anger and when they knew, the police department showed up in this particular area and the scene, they got a call from a number that included Johnson, and now they Having taken her to the detention center to investigate what happened, Johnson was later arrested again for the original reason, but was not charged.

As of right now it’s under full review and they’re following a case that was a sport by the Antwon family and it was later reclassified as racially motivated behind the whole thing and now Jones is being charged with this particular assault The sentencing took place on Thursday, as it was one of the regular attacks with a seven-foot paddle.

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