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Who Is Gregory Damon Video Viral On Social Media, Why Was Tampa Officer Fired? Reason Explained!

A police officer from Tampa, Florida, has been fired after being interrogated over alleged video footage taken from his body camera and police department CCTV footage. During the investigation, the police mentioned that the officer was fired after he was seen on video dragging a woman from the police station to the police station and handcuffing the woman. While the woman was arrested the same day, some conversations between the officer and the woman were also heard. The officer who dragged the woman, named Damon, was later fired. Stay tuned with us as we cover details about the event and the officer.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

gregory damon viral video

A police officer from Tampa, Florida, has been fired after video of him allegedly dragging a handcuffed woman while officers pulled her appeared in court. After the woman teased the police officer, the police officer grabbed the woman with one hand and dragged the woman to the office.The officer who was fired was identified as Gregory Damon, and the events leading up to his dismissal occurred on the 17thday November 2022. It was mentioned that an internal investigation revealed that the officer dragged the woman into the station’s car park.

Why was Tampa police officer Gregory Damon fired?

The woman dragged away by Damon was arrested for trespassing in the city, and the officer’s body camera conversation showed the conversation between the two. When the officer arrived at the station, he asked the woman to get out of the car, but she refused. Later she asked the traffic police to drag her, and the traffic police just pulled the woman out of the car. This happened at Dongfang Road Prison. After Damon pulled her out of the car, he asked her to walk, but she refused. Damon dragged the woman along the parking lot, and after reaching the office, she asked other officers to assist him.

Who is Gregory Damon?

According to the Tampa Police Department report, the agency revised its policy from 2013 to prohibit officers from dragging suspects to the ground. But it was clear that Damon was seen dragging the handcuffed woman to the ground. The agency said the officer was supposed to seek the help of colleagues or other officers to guide the woman in the office, but instead he did the opposite and dragged the woman. The police station was completely shocked. They saw the video and the scene of Damon’s dismissal. They were also very disgusted.

Damon, who has been with the Rampa Police Department since 2016 and is known to many and many people in the department and the area, was shocked to hear that the officer had been fired. The police must never treat prisoners, especially women, in this way or drag them into their offices. The behavior was an aggression against the police, and another officer mentioned Damon was rude and heard derogatory comments made about the arrestee.

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