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Who Is Idell Turner? Meet Georgia Woman That Turns 100 With 18 Grandchildren & 38 Great Grandchildren!

We are here to inform you of a news that has attracted a lot of attention lately, so we know that each new month is filled with many new opportunities and joys, and we are more than happy to explain and tell you about this first month of 2023 It’s even more special for one of the Georgia family’s matriarchs, Idell Turner, who recently turned 100, so we’ll be covering her in detail in this article.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest news! ! ! !

Who is Edel Turner?

So according to sources and information she is 100 years old and was born on January 10, 1923 and speaking of her husband so his husband fought in WW2 and she greeted her with her husband Grandmother of 5 kids, you’ll be shocked to hear that her 18 year old grandson, she’s 38 year old great grandmother.

Idell Turner: Wikipedia and Bio

Everyone is shocked by her story, she is an old woman, she has become the oldest member of her church, because she has lived 4 years, more to talk about her, so she really enjoys enjoying Cooking, and she’s very friendly. Everyone in her community sees her as a whole, and everyone describes her as a great person with love and life.

She has received tremendous love and support, recently a journalist shared her game on her social media platforms and it attracted a lot of people, with several comments saying she wished her a happy birthday and wished her a happy day Happy 100th Birthday It was a very special day for her and her whole family. Many people are already praying for her as this is a special day for her.

Because she is not only someone whose life has spanned 100 years, but another woman named Lady Julia. She also celebrated her birthday with her family. Turning 100 means you are free from all responsibilities and are now free to live your life. We hope her special day is filled with love and laughter and we hope her 100th birthday is as amazing as she was.

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