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Who Is Mohammed Ez-Zamel? A 14-Year-Old Nottingham Boy Missing Since Last Week, Age, Family & More!

Good afternoon everyone, The family of a missing 14 year old boy from Nottingham are genuinely concerned for his safety. The story is about the mysterious disappearance of Mohammad Izzy Zamel, a five-foot-tall brunette boy who was last seen wearing a black suit, black market-style jacket and track pants, and black and white Air Max sports shoes. According to numerous reports, the innocent 14-year-old was last seen in the Valley Top and Bestwood areas. If you have any information about him.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Mohammed Ez-Zamel?

Please then contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 755. They have been missing for more than a week and so far there have been no reports and authorities have been unable to get any leads on him. We hope that with our efforts and support, we will be able to find him and reunite him with his family. We don’t have much information about him and his family, he’s just a normal boy who goes to school every day and spends his life inside the walls of high school.

Mohammed Ez-Zamel disappeared last week

Then come home to live a healthy life with your family. It never happened to him because he didn’t have a cell phone or a smart phone and they couldn’t reach him since he disappeared and they don’t think it was a kidnapping because the kidnapper didn’t ask for any ransom. In this case, Unfortunately, the body was recovered from areas such as Toronto and other parts of Canada, but we wish him full and safe return.

Mohammed Ez-Zamel: Wikipedia and Bio

He doesn’t have any health issues and is the perfect boy to play basketball and want to build his career in the sport. He was described as a very gullible, cheerful kid who was outgoing and wanted to talk a lot about his day and how his life was going. The police are working very hard to find him and they have been asking people about his whereabouts, you can also give vital information by visiting anonymous websites that support crime stopping.

Even after you have provided your data to him, your identity will remain anonymous. We’ll be back with more info, then read on for the article on our website. He’s talented enough that he’s going to develop into a good citizen who can help his country, and he wants to contribute through the field. His safety is a top priority for the authorities and we hope they will reduce his anxiety levels.

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