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Who Is Shayes Groves? Serial Killer Obsessed Mum Stabbed Lover Frankie Fitzgerald To Death Video Viral On Social Media!

Recently we got information about a British mother who has been obsessed with serial killer shows, and now there’s another shocking piece of news about her, who stabbed her boyfriend to death and killed her on a video call Talk to friends. The whole thing was being shown and she was showing her dead boyfriend, so make sure you keep reading this because we’re here to tell you about the most horrific killing ever.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest news! ! ! !

Who is Shayes Groves?

Shayes Groves, 27, came into existence after stabbing her lover Frankie Fitzgerald in his sleep, and the mother-of-one made the claim that she used to decorate her bedroom with lots of knives and now she is the one She allegedly stabbed her boyfriend more than 22 times in what turned out to be a criminal passion for her.

Shayes Groves Stabbed Lover Frankie Fitzgerald Video

She was inspired by a famous crime documentary series, but after investigating the whole incident, she has always denied any connection with the murder. They’ve been together for a long time as the couple rekindled their old romance after a chance meeting in our pub near Corsham, Hampshire and this place last January.

Shayes Groves stabs Frankie Fitzgerald in viral video

It was shocking news for everyone and it went viral on the social media platform as she was showing a video of her dead boyfriend walking around with a huge knife. After the whole incident we found out she was having a normal conversation during the call and discussing the weekend but after that she started the video call and she was going upstairs back to her bedroom and she was pointing at the camera and she said I Got him.

According to reports and information, she has four decorative knives in her bedroom because both of them were involved in knife games during intercourse, and she has watched a lot of murder documentaries so far, which may be a reason why she is subject to all serial Influenced by the killer, she was actually involved with the serial killer, and the alleged killer was called to live with her for safety.

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