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Who Is Sonu Jaiswal Video Viral On Twitter And Reddit, Why It Is Trending?

Hello readers, we are here to inform you of a very shocking event which is now one of the most searched and viral videos on the social media platform. It’s tied to Nepal’s deadliest air crash in 30 years. So make sure you read this post till the end because one of the videos has gone viral on social media platforms and people are getting curious and flocking to social media platforms to know about the whole incident and this video which has attracted a lot of attention lately.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Sonujaswal?

One of the names came up, the victim named Sonu Jaiswal was live on the plane while he was traveling on the plane, the plane crashed very badly seconds ago, he was one of four friends from Ghazipur, India When this incident happened, The whole world was visiting Nepal and flying from Kathmandu to Pokhara and it caused quite a stir. We can see Pokhara area in that video.

Sonu Jaiswal Viral Video

However, the people who got on the plane didn’t know the whole thing, they were dying, no one really knew they wouldn’t survive, there were 72 people at the time, and when that video came out, it was heartbreaking, it showed the plane had been Slide past the beehive building on the sepia field until the person fills up.

Why is Sonu Jaiswal’s video trending?

Within a few seconds, a lot of huge flames appeared in front of the camera screen, covered in dust and smoke, however, the camera continued to record everything that happened, which meant that we could also hear the engine at the same time as the plane crashed The loud noise and the sound of people’s glass shutters was terrible. This particular accident has gone down as one of the scariest to date.

A friend of Sonu Jaiswal and his family came over and they watched the whole video from his own Facebook account and they are the ones who confirmed the whole thing and we are sad to announce his passing and the people on board in On that flight, which was the last time he played his video, he didn’t realize his deepest condolences, support, love and courage to all bereaved family members.

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