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Who Is The Winner Of Miss Universe 2023? Miss USA R’Bonney Gabriel Wins 71st Miss Universe, Who Is She?

Hello readers, we’re here to tell you something really interesting and you might be wondering what we’re talking about, so we’re talking about Miss Universe 2023 winner R’ Bonny Gabriel. So make sure you keep reading this article for the latest news about this Miss Universe who is not transgender. Because there are a lot of people who are confused and they want to know the whole thing and the whole news.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is the winner of Miss Universe 2023?

As we know she became the new Miss Universe on Saturday night in New Orleans, Louisiana. There were a lot of people around and it was a great night for everyone as she took over the crown from last year’s winner Harnaz Sandhu , but there is a special mark that is different from this 71 edition beauty pageant. When she was crowned, she became the first winner under the pageant’s new boss, Anne Jakrajutatip.

Who is R’Bonney Gabriel?

So if you don’t know this is the famous billionaire who is just a thailand company also known as jkn Global Group has been a buying agent in october 2022 because there is a lot due to her deep muscular voice and confusion, so here we remove all your conclusions that Anne Jakapong, 43, is transgender and her company has been buying Miss Universe from endevent Group Holdings.

R’Bonney Gabriel: Wikipedia and Bio

She came forward and explained that she no longer believes in the beauty of Miss Universe, as she now refers to it as a women’s empowerment contest. Annie is considered a well known business woman who has been cleansing and influencing many people and setting an example and being a role model for her country which is why her country celebrates trans people equally and gives them all their rights.

Bonney Gabriel is an American beauty and winner of the Miss Universe crown. Currently, she is 28 years old, born on March 20, 1994, she was born and raised in Houston, Texas, USA, talking about her personality or she is following US citizenship, she completed her studies from University of North Texas , and in 2021 will be the runner-up in Texas, USA.

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