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Who Kills Lawyer Bolanle Raheem? What Happened With Him? Who Is Drambi Vandi?

According to sources and information we are getting information about the NBA’s alleged killer of Bolanle Raheem who has been in the police force for 33 years so according to the NBA (also known as the Nigerian Bar Association) the officer has confirmed who was killed Omobolanle Raheem. He is an excellent lawyer and consultant for Crostini House in Lagos.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

What happened to Attorney Bolanle Raheem?

There’s been a lot of controversy over this incident and people want to know more about the whole thing because the shooting happened on Sunday and the reports talk about family members so they also mention that they all celebrate Christmas and they’re in their On the way, a police officer came in from Ajah’s police station and Logos killed him.

Who Killed Attorney Bolanle Raheem?

Now this incident is being manufactured and has sparked some key elements that are relevant to the criticism, but talking about the police department, so so far we can only provide information that these two officers are currently in custody in connection with this particular incident. After investigation, the officer was identified as Drambi Vandi.

Who is Drambi Vandi?

This is a very remarkable incident and now the divisions of the NBA are taking some major steps so that they can reveal the true facts and circumstances as their members were murdered. The NBA has confirmed that the suspected murderer is a member of the ASP and he was serving in the police department More than 33 years.

The department has not released additional information about the officer and other officers responsible for the horrific case. We are truly saddened to learn of this particular incident, and our thoughts go out to the families who lost loved ones in this shooting, and to them we extend our deep condolences and sympathies at this difficult time.

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