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Who Was Ava Wood Syracuse & Cause Of Death? A 14-Year-Old Girl Shot Dead, Parents & More!

A 14-year-old girl from New York was allegedly killed by her father, who was later found dead. Police said the father who shot his daughter was at his home and called his wife before he shot himself. The case is gruesome because the death of the teen, a beloved student, friend and daughter, was sudden and untimely. This happened last week and the community was also rocked by the apparent murder-suicide.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Ava Wood Syracuse Cause of Death

The girl, named Ava Wood, apparently died at the home where her father had been killed. Stay tuned for our detailed discussion of the Ava wood case. Ava was a 14-year-old girl who apparently died after being shot by her father. Police found Ava was in a bedroom where she was shot and surrounded by blood. She was shot in the head and she was lying in a room separate from her father.

Who is Ava Wood Syracuse?

The girl was only 14 years old, and her father, 51, also shot himself and died. The case happened last week on 20day When police found the father and daughter at their house on Friday, January 2023, Ava’s father, Christopher Wood, was also found dead of self-harm. The police investigation began when Christopher’s phone call before he shot himself caused the mother of the girl named Heather Wood to visibly panic.

How did Ava Wood Syracuse die?

It was mentioned to Heather that Christopher called her and said “this is how we ended up” before he hung up. Heather rushed to his residence and saw that the door was locked, and Ava did not go to school. On the other hand, she couldn’t unlock the door and was flustered. Investigators arrived at the scene and found Ava and Christopher dead.

Ava Wood Syracuse: Wikipedia and Bio

Christopher’s number is on the 19thday In January 2023, he later shot himself. Christopher also sent Heather threatening messages and phone calls, police said. The couple are married, but apparently, they lived in two separate houses and were also away from each other at the time of the incident. Ava was a student when she was studying at Durgee Junior High School when she was a ninth grader.

The Central School District released a statement addressing the deaths of Ava and Christopher and saying they will also be arranging counseling conversations and support services for students and families. While this is the second child murder in New York, it’s a disturbing call that needs to be answered as quickly as possible. The police mentioned that they are thoroughly investigating the case.

Although they also mentioned that they found two cases where Ava’s parents were involved in a physical altercation and also involved in a stalking case. While police know that Christopher shot his daughter before shooting himself, the investigation will still determine the cause of the suicide and murder. Ava’s devastated mother thanked the New York community for their support and love. On the other hand, a vigil will be held in Baldwinsville this Sunday and will be live-streamed.

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