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Who Was Joseph Augustus Zarelli? “The Boy In The Box” Case Has Solved, Explained! – To News

Shocking news fell today on the unsolved case of Joseph Augustus Zarelli, a 4-year-old boy killed in February 1957. He is best known as the boy in the box, who was identified after turning 65 on 8 december. The case is one of the longest running and longest running unsolved homicides in the Philadelphia Police Department, according to the Philadelphia Police Department. On February 26, 1957, the boy’s body was found in a box on the side of Susquehanna Road in the wooded area of ​​northeast Philadelphia. The news quickly spread on social media and the internet, with many people sharing their interest in the news of the unsolved death mystery.

Who is Joseph Augusto Zarelli?

The body of Joseph Augustus Zarelli was identified by Philadelphia Police Department Officer Jason Smith on December 8, 2022, as the boy was identified in a Philadelphia Police Department press release released at the press conference . Blunt trauma homicide was cited as the cause of death. His body was built as he was malnourished and beaten before he died. Her case is the most popular due to previous unidentified homicide victims and unsolved murder victims. Her body is completely wrapped in a checkered blanket. The boy’s body was constructed by a man inspecting his muskrat traps.

Boy in the box case solved

Joseph Augustus Zarelli was born on January 13, 1953, was identified on December 8 after a long stretch of 65 years, nine months and five days after his body was erected on February 25, 1957, and is now interred in Ivy Cemetery Hill, Cedarbrook, Philadelphia, USA He is best known for his roles as American Nobody, Philadelphia Box Boy and The Boy in the Box. The body had to be found twice and DNA was taken both times. In 1988, the boy’s remains were moved from Potter’s Garden in Philadelphia to Ivy Hill Cemetery.

The news spread on social media and news TV stations, with condolences expressed for the boy. Joseph Augustus Zareli will forever be remembered as “America’s Unknown Son” at the Box Boy Grave Memorial. The investigation continues and they will continue to obtain more information about his death. There are too many theories to come in this investigation. These types of crimes are on the rise in our daily working lives, and far too many are linked to the murder of children.

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