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Who Was Kalicia Powell & What Happened To Her? Some Thugs Smashed Her Head With Bottle Pics Viral!

Hello everyone. Another day, another shocking story. Shocking photos have recently been released on the internet of a young girl who has been the victim of sledding and violence during a night out. Some thugs smashed a bottle over her head and now those pictures are pretty horrific. Victims identified as teenager Calicia Powell are now fighting for their lives when she was drinking on Boxing Day, the closest to Castleford, West Yorkshire. Everything went smoothly.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Who is Kalicia Powell?

They are enjoying their evening when suddenly a summer nuisance arrives. An 18-year-old should have entered the bar while dancing on the floor, which matched the bottle overhead, and she was immediately taken to the nearest medical facility where doctors began surgery. The university student is now out of danger and had to have adhesive strips placed on her face for the healing process. A complaint has been registered and police have now launched an investigation and are looking for a suspect via CCTV.

What happened to Kalicia Powell?

She also said that at first they seemed normal and when she turned her head she thought he was about to say something and he suddenly smashed a bottle and she was unconscious for about 20 minutes and she didn’t know what happened. There seemed to be some sort of argument, or they were very drunk. She bled profusely and her friends had to take immediate action. Hitt split her forehead and her eyes darkened. She couldn’t give and remember that feeling.

Some thugs smashed Kalicia Powell’s head with bottle photo

Teens are full of anger, 80 of them are heading in the wrong direction because they don’t have the discipline and belief in the slow and incremental process of success. They are ignorant of the consequences of their actions, they can only regret it after it is done. In the heat of the moment, we have to use our patience and the processing power of our brains to deal with the situation because once we take a step, there is no going back.

She didn’t think it would be that bad, but if she saw her face in the mirror after surgery, it would be really bad. This is very disgusting behavior and the criminal must be severely punished. She had five stitches on her forehead and her face is very beautiful and gorgeous. She’s a party girl and is a regular at local soirees. We’ll be back with more updates, so stay tuned to our site.

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