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Who Will Win the Sekai Taikai Tournament in Cobra Kai? Theories

A spinoff of Netflix’s “Karate Kid,” Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” revolves around generations of martial artists who fight and compete to establish themselves as the best in the valley. Thirty-four years after the 1984 Whole Valley Karate Championships, where Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) defeated Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka), the series originally revolved around Johnny trying to get back to the nominal dojo. As the series progresses, old fan-favorite characters from the original series reappear, making the overall narrative complex and dynamic. In season 5, we discovered a new karate tournament, the world war. If you’re wondering who’s going to win the game, we’ve got you covered. Spoilers ahead.

Who can win the World War Championship?

In Japanese, the word “Sekai Taikai” literally means “world competition”. Of course, such competition does not exist in the real world. This is a game created for narrative purposes. Season 5 plays a similar role to Season 3 in the overall structure of the series. Creators use it to define key aspects of an upcoming story. In season 3, the characters are 51Pierre Whole Valley Championship in Season 4. Similarly, we introduced the concept of Sekai Taikai in Season 5; the competition itself will likely take place in Season 6.

Initially, Johnny and Daniel knew nothing of Terry Silver’s ultimate plan. They visit John Criss in jail and Daniel promises to give him the lawyer’s phone number if he tells them what Silver really wants. Eager to leave, Kreese talked about Sekai Taikai, an international martial arts tournament that Silver wanted Cobra Kai to attend when he and Kreese were young, but Kreese was not interested and Silver dropped the matter. Now that Silver has full control of the dojo, he has decided to let the dojo participate in this prestigious but little known competition.

Knowing this, Daniel, Johnny and Jonson prepare the students for Miyagi-do and Takaya Karate. Meanwhile, after realizing the incompetence of the local instructors, Silver brought him and Kreese’s daughter Kim Do-eun of Master Tang Xiu Dao and his team from Korea to Los Angeles. In exchange, Silver assured Kim Dorn that her father’s fighting style would be well known.

Image credit: Curtis Bonds Baker/Netflix

When the World War organizers come to check on the Cobra World students, Daniel and Johnny convince them to consider their students too. The organizers inspected three dojos separately before the male and female champions representing Cobra Kai played against the male and female champions representing Miyagi Michi and Takaya. Kenny defeated Hawk, but Sam defeated Devon, and all three dojos eventually qualified for Sekai Taikai.

Like the recent Whole Valley Championships, World Wars may have separate male and female categories. Of the characters featured in the series, Sam, Devin, and Tory are real contenders in the female category. If Elsa Robinson returns for season six, she could also be a potential winner.

Of these boys, Miguel, Robbie, Hawk and Kenny are the ones to watch out for. After Silver’s arrest, Cobra Kai was at its lowest point since Johnny brought it back. Kreese might come back and revive him, especially after Stingray finally tells the authorities the truth. If that happens, students like Tory and Kenny could return to represent Cobra Kai.

As a show, “Cobra Kai” has a long history of surprising audiences, especially when it comes to representing tournament seasons. For example, Hawke’s victory in the 51Pierre The Whole Valley Championship was a much-appreciated surprise. Given this record, it is difficult to predict who will be the winner. But again, given the stage of the event, the creators may have opted for a more traditional ending to end the game, with Miguel and Sam as the winners.

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