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Why Did Lionel Messi Ignore Chef Salt Bae After FIFA World Cup Win? Video Viral On Social Media!

Qatar World Cup 2022 FIFA 2022 came to a successful conclusion as Lionel Messi ended the World Cup by winning the final with his Argentina team. After a loss to Saudi Arabia and a temporary break from the charm, the team came back into form and also reached the final. It can be said that the team made headlines by relying on people’s hearts, and Messi also won the hearts of many people with his skills and his charm. In one incident that has garnered millions of views online and was unplanned during the Argentina team celebrations, player Messi ignored chef Salt bae from Dubai, who created an unwelcome moment .Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Why Lionel Messi Ignored Chef Salt Bae After FIFA World Cup Win

Although the final can be said to be thrilling and many people enjoyed it, it must not be forgotten that the entire FIFA is full of unexpected things, and the audience who came to watch enjoyed the traditional game in Qatar. After the final happened, Messi and his team won the final, which also touched the hearts of many people. One of the moments that attracted many people’s attention was the moment between Messi and Yanba, with over one million hits. Yes, the moment was caught on camera, and after their match, fans took down the video and the moment and it became a running joke on the internet.

Lionel Messi Ignores Chef Salt Bae After FIFA World Cup Victory Video

Chef Salt bae, who has millions of followers, is also seen on his page in the less than one-minute video, who annoys the players and Messi, who is having fun with the team and family Looking angry. People made fun of the chef for putting his food on the ground and trying to get the attention of the audience. Well, the video was cropped and Messi’s facial expression caused a lot of reactions on the internet. Seeing that the chef was celebrating and trying to get Messi’s attention, he didn’t even look back after calling Messi two or three times, with a look of impatience on his face.

Lionel Messi ignores chef Salt Bae after viral video of FIFA World Cup win

After this video was posted on the Internet, many people laughed at Yanbei, and many people were offended. One of the netizens posted that Yanbei forced Messi to turn back while being angry, while another netizen posted on the Internet Asked who allowed the chef to get on the ground while the players were celebrating. Meanwhile, chef Salt Bae, who goes by the screen name nusr_et, posted a photo online of him and Messi, posing for the camera shaking hands. Salt Bae has posted many photos in the series where he can be seen touching and holding the trophy.

Saw Chef enjoying and celebrating on the ground with many other players. While Salt Bae was also seen holding the media and the trophy, he was also seen with his teeth on one of the players’ medals and sandwiched between them. This is despite numerous sources suggesting he may have done so without permission, as FIFA officials would not allow the trophy to be held by anyone other than the players, their families and team officials. On the other hand, Salt bae was made fun of for interrupting Messi and his team and not respecting their privacy.

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