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Why Did Southwest Airlines Cancel 70% Of Its Flights? Reason Explained!

Welcome back everyone Southwest Airlines has unexpectedly canceled almost 70% of its flights because of the bomb cyclone, which US officials say is totally unacceptable and has consequences. Because of the weather warning, United Airlines has also taken action, they are not allowing passengers to change flights for free, which is really disappointing, they have canceled more than 2500 flights. More than fifteen thousand such trips were canceled not only in the country.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Why is Southwest Airlines canceling 70% of its flights?

This is the reason for the sudden increase in cancellations due to heavy snow and zero temperatures. The matter is now being investigated by US government authorities, who are trying to standardize and warn such airlines to at least allow passengers to change flights without paying any additional fees, as it violates consumer rights. It is not the passenger’s will to change the flight, it is necessary, and the airline is responsible for the change, not the user.

Southwest Airlines cancels 70% of its flights

Air Traffic Control was working to keep issuing weather warnings and the National Atmospheric Administration was also speaking out about the hurricane and its destructiveness to avoid any kind of damage and casualties and decided to cancel these. But consumers have to be given the option to fix this, they don’t want to spend extra money on this sort of thing because the economy is already in such a bad state that no one can afford such an extra price.

Southwest Airlines cancels 70% of flights explained

The Department of Transportation is looking into the matter and they will respond within the next few hours, we are approaching the New Years holiday travel time and there will definitely be a lot of traffic. Millions of people travel during this time and they have to experience a lot of issues due to temperature and weather conditions that affect air travel, which is a regular occurrence every year.

Airlines are one of the profitable businesses because of charging a lot of fees and features to save costs, that’s why there are many allegations about airlines taking advantage of prices and changing them. Addressing this issue should be a concern for the authorities, as many are middle-class people who have to travel out of necessity rather than pleasure, and many are returning home. We’ll be back with more updates then, so stay tuned to our website.

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