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Why He Was Arrested? All Charges & Allegations Explained!

The arrest of a Newcastle United player has been under the spotlight for days this week, with no response or reporting from team officials until now. Arguably, the team may respond later, but as of now, they have been silent on the arrest. People and the team are also aware of the issue of arrests, they have been informed, but so far the team has not reported anything.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Newcastle midfielder Joelinton arrested

The player has also played in 21 games so far, so teams may have comment on that. Stay tuned for details on the case and information on the players arrested as we report. Northumbria is where the arrests took place, with police from Northumbria saying a player from Newcastle United was arrested this week. The player has been identified as Joelinton, a midfielder in Newcastle’s midfield.

The arrest took place on Thursday 12day January 2023 While the team has not yet commented on the matter, it is clear that the team already knew about the arrest and they may be trying to release it, arguably some source leaked the beans. The 26-year-old is said to be joining Eddie Howe’s side this season. According to reports, Joelinton was driving under the influence of alcohol, so in this case, he was charged with DUI, which he is said to have done in the early hours of Thursday.

Why was Newcastle midfielder Joelinton arrested?

The police also mentioned that the player will appear in court at the end of January this year. Officers mentioned Joelinton was arrested on Ponte Overland Road, Newcastle, shortly before 1.20am on Thursday. Joelinton Cassio, 26, is now charged with DUI because he was more than the legal limit for a person to drive a car, officials said. Joe Linton was signed by former Newcastle manager Steve Bruce for 40 million euros.

All allegations and allegations against Newcastle midfielder Joelinton

Yorington was signed by Hoffenheim in 2019. Joelinton was signed as a center forward, before being moved to left midfield last season. He was also in the news earlier for breaking the rules by going out for a haircut during the lockdown. During that time, he was fined 200 euros and was in the news. The midfielder’s car is said to have been pulled over by police and he failed a breath test after being checked for alcohol levels above the prescribed level.

Speaking of upcoming games, it was mentioned that the players will be in the team for the next game, and this time the game being played is the semi-final of the cup held 47 years later. He is the main force or an important player of the team. It can also be said that the team can have its current position because he has made contributions since last year. Speaking of last year, he won the Player of the Year title from the club. If the case is not resolved, then the team may be affected and losses may be incurred.

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