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Why it’s important for officers, counselors to be at Austin schools Thursday

AUSTIN (KXAN) — Thursday’s shooting in Uwald was very different from the one that rocked small-town Rob Elementary School in May, but it could stir up some emotions as they go to school.

“Students are already thinking about Uvalde and asking themselves, ‘Will I be safe at school?’ said mental health expert Dr. Charmain Jackman.

Austin ISD police and school counselors were on campus Friday morning to help students deal with any anxiety they may be feeling after the recent shooting.

Jackman said it was a good idea and urged parents to talk to their children.

“I think as parents sometimes we think ‘I don’t want to talk about hot topics. I don’t want to plant stuff in their minds or create anxiety. When we have these conversations, it actually helps the kids because they weren’t dealing with it on their own back then.

Conversations about emotions can be particularly important, says Jackman, as a recent American Psychological Association survey found that “48% of parents said their children had experienced depression and anxiety during the pandemic. We also see a very high number of 5 black children at age 12 having suicidal thoughts and attempts, so we see twice as many black children as white children. It’s really concerning. »

Jackman said focusing on children’s social-emotional learning is just as important as schools and parents focus on academics.

“We’re often so focused on math, reading, writing, but we often forget about social literacy. It’s really the ability to name your emotions and express them in healthy ways that are key skills for young people.

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