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Why Was JiDion Permanently Banned from Twitch? Check Reason

YouTuber JiDion Adams has reportedly been banned from Twitch. Known for his prank videos on the platform, the news of his ban surprised his fans. It used to be a two-week ban, but the Amazon-owned streaming service later banned it outright for “extreme harassment.” Since the announcement, he has been the subject of much discussion and his name has gone around the internet. Also wondering what happened to Adams and why he was banned? Find out all the details in this article.

Sources confirmed that the ban was due to a hate attack he planned on pop star Pokemane. Many of her fans reportedly flooded her stream and spammed the chat with words meant to discredit the Moroccan-Canadian streamer and her content. There is no doubt that what Adams did was wrong, and he acknowledged it, not only accepting a 14-day ban, but also apologizing for his mistakes. That didn’t help him though, as Twitch decided a few days later to permanently ban him from any harassment.

While many welcomed the decision, he disagreed. On Twitter, JiDion Adams wrote that he wasn’t there to explain why he was banned because he should have been banned. He further added that he violated the terms of service and he deserved it all, but the talk here is that he is here to ask Twitch to make it fair. As mentioned, the content creator’s widespread backlash is largely due to his targeting of female streamers. JiDion has publicly stated that his actions had nothing to do with Pokimane’s gender.

However, he was permanently banned after an infraction, leading many to believe he deserved another chance. The YouTuber posted a video on Twitter in which he asked Twitch to be fair and reduce the ban to two weeks. He said he felt Twitch should keep the 14-day suspension, especially for the first offense, and not let outside factors dictate that. Additionally, he said the community reaction was not enough to warrant his ban from the platform, and it was on his first misconduct. Stay tuned to our website for all the latest updates and news happening around the world.

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