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Why Was Jordan Douglas Krah Arrested? Reason, All Charges & Allegations Explained!

A Colorado man has been arrested after a video interviewing two local students went viral on social media. The video was shared via TikTok and later reported to police. The man responsible for the hate speech has been arrested while police ensure the safety of the victims of the incident, police said. While the video went viral, we saw the hatred and outrage about racism that exists in this day and age. The video also showcases hate and racism. Stay tuned for more details on the man arrested as we report.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Jordan Douglas Clarke Arrested

Colorado police added that they learned details about the man who delivered racist and homophobic comments to the two students after officers became aware of the viral video. It was mentioned that the person making the hate speech approached two students who were self-absorbed and made comments that made them uncomfortable. Police later said they contacted the man’s residence via social media, and he took the video. The man was identified as Jordan Douglas, 40, of Colorado.

Why was Jordan Douglas Clark arrested?

Jordan reportedly made hate speech against the two In-N-Out students who spent their time in the Bay Area on Christmas Eve. Jordan tracked down students identified as Arine Kim and Elliot Ha, and he began filming their interviews. In the video, Jordan is heard making hateful, racist and homophobic remarks about the two men and staring at them with great discomfort. In the video, Jordan made hate speech against the two students, asking them about their race, their sexual orientation, and their racial identities. Not only did he ask them uncomfortable questions, but he threatened them that he would spit in their faces and then said see you outside.

Jordan Douglas Krah: All allegations and accusations

When questioned by the interviewer, Kim added that he and Ha were eating out and Jordan appeared out of nowhere. King mentioned that after Jordan asked them uncomfortable questions, he started to feel uncomfortable and started walking away. King mentioned that when the two of them asked staff to remove them from there, Jordan stared at them uneasily. Kim added that the staff were helpful and guided them until the exit. King also mentioned that they were afraid of him, and even after they left the restaurant, Jordan stared at them for 10-15 minutes straight.

The San Ramon Police Department added that the department came to the attention of the video because it went viral. They added that the video helped them apprehend the suspect and get in touch with one of the victims via social media. Officials at the precinct mentioned they were investigating the case as part of a criminal investigation, and Kim reached out to police via social media. Officials also mentioned that the suspect, Jordan, is currently being held at the county jail in Martinez. As of Monday, the video had more than 10 million views, which is why it was brought to the attention of the police.

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