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There is a new push to protect children from guns.

The Durham Public Schools School Board has passed a resolution urging parents to obey state laws and protect guns in the home.

The goal is to keep guns out of the reach of children.

Last week, two students were charged with carrying weapons at Hillside High School, but thanks to anonymous tip School Resource Officers are ready.

The Board of Education ensures that firearms never fall into the hands of minors.

School board president Bettina Umstead told WRAL News that safe storage of firearms at home is another step in the fight against violence in Bull City.

“We need to make sure that each of these households has a safe weapon,” Umstead said. “Unfortunately, we have seen an increase in gun violence in schools and in the community. So that’s one way of thinking about it. »

Durham’s mother and gun violence prevention campaigner Dr. Kaaren Haldeman recommends asking families how to keep their guns safe before leaving your child at home.

“Is there a pool, are there pets, do you own guns, are there guns in the house?” said Haldeman.

It’s also a conversation parents should have with their kids, Haldeman said.

“So many tragedies have resulted because we didn’t raise the issue, or because parents didn’t store their guns safely in their homes,” Haldeman said.

Nationwide, about 350 children under the age of 18 accidentally shoot themselves or others each year, according to DPS resolutions.

Umstead hopes to partner with other organizations in the future to organize gun lockdown and gun education events in schools.

“So you can come to school, get information on academics, get a lock if you need it,” Umstead said. “We’ve held vaccination events in schools before, so we know that schools are the heart of the community and where families really get the information and materials they need.”

As well as focusing on gun protection in the home, a recent Durham Police crime report revealed Guns are always stolen from cars.

Durham Police Chief Patrice Andrews then reminded residents not to leave firearms in unlocked vehicles.

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