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WRAL.com – Brospar Daily News

— Two Chapel Hill police officers recently tracked down a mother they met during their distress call.

Ms Mugweru recently contacted the police to express her heartfelt thanks to Constables Barcenas and Christensen, who had to stop her car when she gave birth.

Officers were the first to arrive, comforting Mugweru and his young daughter until emergency medical services arrived. A few minutes later, she delivered her son in an ambulance.

Police also helped move her car to a police parking lot so she could be driven off the road.

Mugweru joined the police force when every officer received the Chiefs Cup in recognition of their goodwill and support. She looked forward to seeing the officer again in a less stressful situation.

“Your composure and support for Mrs. Mugweru and her daughter during these exciting times has made you an example of what it means to be a Hill Keeper,” Chief Chris Blue said.

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