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Wrestler JAY BRISCOE Aka JAMIN PUGH Death Reason, How Did He Die? Age, Funeral & Obituary!

Jay Briscoe, who had a Ring of Honor and was also a wrestling star, has died. The news came this week, while mentioning that the star was just 38 at the time of his death. Jay is one of the best wrestlers in the world and he is the best on a professional tag team. AEW founder Tony Khan was the one who announced the news of Jay Chou’s death online, while mentioning that they will support the family of the deceased at all costs.Follow our website gossip world media Get the latest updates! ! ! !

Jay Briscoe cause of death

Jay is one of the best wrestlers in the world and besides that he has a lot of followers too. Stay tuned as we cover the details on Death and Jay. Jay Briscoe’s real name is Jamin Pugh, and his stage name is popular among his fans. He is a star who has been in ROH for more than 20 years and a star who became famous at a young age. Writing about Jay, Tony Khan added that Jay has been with ROH to this day.

He mentioned that Jay and his brother Mark have ruled ROH and championed it to this day. He also added that they would support the family of the deceased. While earlier Khan did not reveal any cause of Jay’s death, there have since been many speculations and reports that have clarified the cause of death. Pro wrestling champion Dave Meltzer added that Jay was involved in an accident with another person, and both of them died in a car crash in Laurel, Delaware.

How to do Jay Briscoe die?

Jay Chou has been in the ring for many years and won the ring of honor. On the other hand, Jay Chou has also won the world championship twice in individual competitions. After the news of Jay Chou’s death was reported on the Internet, many people began to express their heartfelt condolences and posted messages to mourn the wrestler. Celebrities, fans, netizens, and wrestling organizations also expressed their views on the Internet.

Cody Rhodes tweeted online that he didn’t have much interaction with Jay, but when he met him once, Jay was someone who understood him instantly and understood that his family was everything to him. Cody added that with all the love in the world, he sent this to Jay’s family. Cash Wheeler posted online that he had been in tears since hearing the news of Jay’s death.

Jay Briscoe: Wikipedia and Bio

Cash added that he just couldn’t put his pain into words, while adding that RIP Jay, Cash and his team have been with the Jays as they played as recently as December . Speaking of the accident, it was mentioned that the accident happened on January 17, 2023, and it happened at around 5:30 pm that day. Mark Briscoe was not with him, and two children, on the other hand, were rushed to hospital.

It was reported that when the accident happened, Jay Chou’s daughter was with him, and the police also mentioned that a woman in another car died on the spot, but her identity has not been revealed yet. Funeral and other details have not been released as the family has suffered a huge loss and police have not yet identified those involved in the crash.

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